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Pls chk my profile, i really need to make first sale!

This is Olamidotun, can anyone tell me encourage me to make my first sale, i am a statistical data analyst…pls chk my profile

You can check out this post

Or search the forum in general for more posts about how to make your first sale.

Please make some gigs related to service you offer and then use BUYER REQUEST section.Send daily 10 request and promote your gig in social media.

Hope this helps.

Hi check out my new post on how to boost your gig ranking & sells…ultimately-

Hello olamidotun:

I was a Buyer for a year before becoming a Seller, so here are my thoughts:

  1. You profile should be longer and include more hard information on the types of statistical analysis you do; the software you use; and other statistical language. It’s your big chance to really impress Buyers with your knowledge. Give lots of detail on what services you offer and what you can do for a Seller.

  2. I would remove the following as they are not related to your Gig:

  • " the best way to live is to be influential, how much more can i be . . " Just not 100% business language and though it’s good to be influential, the statement is not related to your Gig.

  • “Hello! You don’t know how glad i am to see you view this Gig. I am really looking forward to work with you.” Again, not 100% professional, and in this case, an obvious statement. Try a strong sentence directly related to your statistical knowledge.

Such as, for example, “I am an experienced statistical expert delivering professional statistical analyses, models and reports. I graduated top of my class, so you can be certain you will be dealing with a highly trained professional with an eye for accuracy and detail.”

Or something similar. See how the one above is a stronger sell and will grab a Buyer’s attention right away?

There are English errors in terms of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. You will want to proofread both your profile and Gig description again to make changes.

Last, think of Gig extras your can add for extra money. A common ones is an extra fee for each revision. I’m not familiar with the work you do, but you probably can add extras for special reports, large ones, Excel graphing and visuals, as examples, off the top of my head. I’m sure you can think of more or better ones. The big place to earn more than $5 for a Gig is with these extras.

Hope this helps,


ps - I really like your video!