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Pls Critique My Gig


I dont know if there is a section for this. But It will be great if someone can check out my gig and tell me what you think about it… Good and Bad.

The link is

Thanks so much in advance!


Looks good, can’t see anything wrong.



Your gig looks good in itself, like your use of bullet points. Makes it very easy to understand what you have to offer and more motivating to read. On a more general note I would recommend that you create several and more specific gigs. I’ve bought quite a few gigs over the years and most started with me thinking something like:

"Ok, so I need an energetic video that gets the adrenaline pumping"


"I need a soft ad Picture that has a relaxing feel to it"

Then I head to fiverr and make searches like:

“energetic video”, “energetic Product promo”, “energetic trailer” etc.

Do you see what I am saying? You could probably meet a lot of buyers requirements with Your gig, but most potential buyers are probably more specific in their searches and ideas of what they want than “photoshop anything”. I think most would chose the guy that says “I offer exactly what you just searched for” rather than the guy that states “This gig can potentially meet Your requirements” :slight_smile:

Based on your video you could probably “remove object or person from your photo for $5”, “edit your photo background for $5” and so on.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile:


Reply to @yeaman77: I don’t know about creating seperate gigs for each specific thing e.g. “remove object or person from your photo for $5”. I’ve found that I get more sales on my ‘I’ll Photoshop Anything’ gig. More sales on the one gig create more reviews - rather than a couple of reviews on 5 different gigs, you can have 20 reviews on the one - which will consequently lead to more buyers due to the high amount of reviews.

I’ve had no problems with my Photoshop gig - and I say go at it!


Reply to @celinedesigns: hmmm, well it’s (one) seller vs. (one) buyers perspective. I think your point about amount of reviews (and thereby higher rankings) are very valid, that’s definately something that matters. At the same time, I think WHAT you are ranking with is the most important thing in the long run, not just THAT you are ranking in itself. I mean, how do you know that your best selling gig is the one with the highest potential? It could be that one of your other gigs could earn you much more if they got the same snowball effect as that one has had. It comes down to which keywords that gets the most views/searches imo. If f.ex “removing background” has a larger amount of searches or potential views than “photoshop design” then that is naturally the one you want to rank. That isn’t saying the gig won’t sell in itself, you ,as one example, have proven that to be wrong :slight_smile: I am just saying that, from a buyers perspective, I don’t search for Photoshop design, I search for what I specifically want you to do with the program. That might mean that I won’t find you, even though you might be the best choice for the job. That being said, I am talking from my personal preference, I don’t actually know if a generic term like Photoshop design gets more searches than more specific/targeted terms. It just seems unlikely to me. Therefore the post above :wink:


Your gig does look very professional and well thought out so I don’t see anything that you could improve on the gig itself.

However I agree with yeaman77 that it may be worth your while to create some separate gigs with specific jobs. These can be in addition to your existing gig and so are just increasing the chances of getting orders. :slight_smile: