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Pls Guys, should I use my profile picture?

Hi there,
Trust you are all doing great?
I’m a new seller on fiverr in the Graphics design category . I’m from Nigeria and I am 100% legit. The thing is that I am deeply confused as regards whether to use my real profile picture or to use a particular graphics design with my name. Currently, I’m using my profile picture on my Gig but some folks told me that it might not be the best decision as some Nigerians can be known for negative tendencies and as such it might really scare potential buyers away.
I will gladly appreciate your honest and sincere views about this.
Kindly let me know what you think…Should I stick with the picture or do I change it?
Thanks in anticipation.

I don’t think potential buyers can be pushed away by something like a profile picture.
I believe as long as you work on your service quality and thus your current clients’ reviews that’s going to matter.
That being said, for my personal taste I would choose a real PROFESSIONAL profile picture, as it brings you more closer to the customer on a first-impression level.

You’ve already asked this:


Thanks for the wonderful tips Guys…
The post was formally flag down by the community. That’s why I had to create another one.

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