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Pls Guys, should I use my real profile picture or not?

Hi there,
Please, I’m a new seller on fiverr in graphic design Gig. The truth is that I am greatly confused now if I should continue using my real profile picture Or not due to what I have heard so far from some folks. I also have a plan of using maybe just my name with a design.
Kindly let me know what you think?
Thanks in anticipation…

I think a photo of yourself will inspire confidence. I always respect those that are proud to stand by their work. But it’s up to you. It’s not essential.

Feel free to test out different strategies. Just give each one a fair chance to work.


There is no matter, see: I am not using my real profile picture, as this isn’t required, and I have several sales every week.

Bro. Your picture should be real but remember that your work will be your identity on fiverr, not your picture.

Do whatever makes you feel confident. If you want to display your real photo, that’s great. If not, it’s also great.

Personally, I prefer people that I can see how they look like. But ofc, not everybody feels the same. :smiley:

Some buyers prefer to work with seller who is “real”

But IMO, profile picture isn’t necessarily to be your real photo. Based on my experiences, you just need to use something that reveal your identity/character, so a design with your name will obviously do.

Thanks for the wonderful tips Guys… I’m so relieved I don’t have to change it like some people suggested earlier before coming to this great forum for answers . I’m however impressed and encouraged by the comments I saw here.

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