Pls Help - Account Restricted after Phone verification


I recently resumed usage of fiverr for selling my article writing gig.

I by mistake forgot to verify my phone and ran out of time but just after the time was over, I verified my phone number, but the account got restricted.

I can still access current orders and I am also delivering them but, my gig has been disabled and inbox feature has been disabled.

Can you guys pls know me know how get account back to normal? I have already phone verified successfully.

Secondly, after I get my account back will the gig rankings be the same as in Will I get same impressions on my gig or will it be reset to 0?

Thank you in advance.


Sorry forgot to add earlier, I have already opened a ticket 10-11 hours ago, but no response so far.


We cannot help you with security matters that are only Customer Support’s to solve in the first place :wink:

So the only (literally only) thing you can do is wait for CS to reply to your ticket.

We also don’t know what happens after the verification period expires or how Fiverr deals with restoring accounts that were restricted under such situations.