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Pls Help - Buyer forgot to tick box to allow in Live Portfolio


After completion of the order. The buyer forgot to tick the box of allowing for me to share in live portfolio.

How can this be revised?

Short answer: You can’t

The buyer decides rather to share his product for your live portfolio or not. If the buyer forgot to check the box and then contacted you about it, the only thing that can be done is to contact Customer Support. However the buyer himself will have to contact fiverr’s support.
Once a client of mine left me an uncomplete feedback because he pressed the “enter” by mistake. He asked me to change it but customer support explained me that I’ll have to tell the buyer to open a ticket. It would have taken too much time, too may follow-ups, that I just didn’t care about it. Do the same.

This cannot be changed.

Live Portfolio (once on on your Gig) offers the buyer a box the they can un-tick on Delivery which means that they don’t want their project shown in your portfolio. They actively made this choice to not allow display. This is a bit dishonorable on their part but something that happens here.

A certain type of buyer will always be obsessed with secrecy or hiding/denying that they used people to perform certain tasks. I understand when other Mix Engineers come to me to help fix their Mix problems and I keep it quiet as a professional courtesy (so long as they reflect that in their actions). If a band tries to deny display in my portfolio for anything but a specified release date, I walk as they are proving that they will always be commanding and unreasonable.

Just remember next time you are asked to work for this cove; if they ask for lots and leave you with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth, you can decline (or even Block them).

At least here in a place like Fiverr it can be seen that there was a job. In the real world, lack of recent portfolio items makes it look like you are not working. This is part of why real Ghost work is announced and priced as such.