Pls help..Buyer placed 2 extra orders accidentally


I had a buyer place an order 3 times for the same item…He only needed one…I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wasn’t sure it went through so that’s why this happened…My question is this. Am I supposed to cancel this or is he? It’s showing 1 order active and one incomplete…I have asked him what he would like to do but he hasn’t replied. I’m concerned this will affect my ratings if I have to cancel 2 items here. Would this error on his part affect my rating?? Thanks for the advice!


There isn’t much of a choice. When canceling make sure to add the reason why.

Best of luck.


Thanks so much for the response! What happens to pending incomplete ones? Do they also require a cancelation or do they fall off on their own after some time?


You can negotiate your buyer (easy if he is repeated) that you will compensate for extra 2 orders in future.


Thanks so much Zubair…I’m so sweating this will mess up my rating (as I already have one cancelation in the past 30 days so would hate to add 2 more over this). I’ve never had this client before but I suppose I can ask him (he’s not very responsive but I believe we are on opposite times zones as well). But do you know if the incomplete one would affect my rating (as the buyer didn’t attach anything)? Appreciate the response!


you Have to Contact Support Regarding This Accident ,They may help you to cancel it out without affecting your business activity .


Thank you kindly for the reply! Ok I will do that. Thanks!


Let us know with the Output…


on incomplete one you can…ask him for future work and if he have…as yet the order is not started…so when he nned anythng else he wll just put the detail there and order wll start…

other option you can see resolution center on the right side when you visit the order page… click the best options you have… and when mutaully order is cancelled its not affect ur ratngs…