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Pls help! My Gig's got removed because I try to upload a video


This has gone too bad as a new seller. Earlier this morning, I received message from fiverr stating that my three gig on different sub category got remove because it didn’t pass their review. Below are the reasons they included which I don’t even agree with. Some of the gigs are on the same category but different services and titles.
Pls what should I do? any tip?


Check if your gig descriptions are similar. Also have different portfolio, services etc. And contact cs, and try to explain the situation.


Thank you for the timely reply. My gig descriptions are different and even the videos I tried to upload are different too!
Though, I’m however skeptical about contacting CS because I doubt if they will ever restore it back. It’s very obvious that some of those guy’s over there don’t pay a careful attention to details before doing their damage at times.
I first tried to upload the videos about two days back and I received a mail from them stating that my videos was too short which was not in reality (The videos was 0.57 sec each) and that thus it didn’t pass their editorial review. So, yesterday, I adjusted it to 1:00 min each only to get my gig’s disable this morning. This is so sad for me. I even have one five star review in one of the affected Gig. This means a lot to me as a new seller trying to find my way around the platform.


I know what you’re feeling and you’re right about the CS. My gigs were also denied. But understand that If your gigs have been denied, the only way to restore it is to contacting CS. There’s no other way.


Thank you. I guess I will just open a ticket with them anyway!


Yeah, :slightly_smiling_face:, good luck, hope your gigs will be reinstated. No matter how much you hate your boss, you still have to go to the office, right?