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Pls how can i rank my gig on quora

pls how can i rank my gig on quora


Quita has nothing to do with fiverr forum or main fiverr site


It cannot rank your gig because it has nothing to do with fiverr. Quora is a platform where people ask questions and others give answers.


Thanks a lot
I tried to post my link it said it has been blocked
Is there any other way I can rank my gig

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Quora, Linkedin, and most other platforms and forums block Fiverr links, because people like you keep spamming gig links everywhere which no one wants to see.

Stop trying to post links to your Fiverr gig on Quora and stop thinking that posting links to your gigs anywhere will help you in any way. It won’t. All people think when they see a link to Fiverr gig is "Oh look, more :poop: spam from a talentless no hope from xxxxx on Fiverr.".


Of corse!
Go to:
Here, you should be able to promote yourself with a link that you can post onto any social media account that you have, that will take anyone who clicks on it to your Fiverr site.

Another way to promote yourself is by purchasing a backlink gig or a social media link gig (I’m not totally sure what it’s called, but you can search for something like that on Fiverr)
This way, you can provide these sellers with your personal link and then they’ll publish it for you!

Hope this answers your question! Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the advice

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I totally agree with what he said. :point_down:t4:

Yup! I see these broken links everywhere, it’s hilarious. :rofl:
Nobody likes SPAM it’s nasty & gross habit.

OP Quora is a knowledge-based (Question and Answer) website. If your intentions are to SPAM the site with your Fiverr gigs, be prepared to suffer the consequences. Read websites Terms of Service before you go on a spamming binge.

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Do you know why it’s blocked?

Because you spammed them.

Your first step is to learn why spamming is wrong.

Your second step is to learn organic marketing.

As I’ve written several times before, Quora, Reddit, etc. can only help you organically, meaning people appreciate your insight and help with their problem and then they look you up.

If you want to engage people, give them what they want to see, not what YOU want them to see. People don’t use these sites to see spam. And it’s important to gain some humility and recognize that what you did was spamming.

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