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Pls I Need Advice- Fiverr Seller Unwilling to Complete Gig and Still Refusing to Mutually Cancel Gig


Can Anyone advice me, please I need your help.

I recently came about this fiverr seller boostupursales -

I ordered one of his gigs - I needed the gig for a press release.

He claimed to have completed the gig in a matter of hours, he sent me screenshots of the supposedly completed gig. It was in the screenshots that I realised that the headline of the press release was missing. I contacted him immediately and asked why he had left the headline out, then he failed to respond.

I wrote to him again and asked him for live links of where he had posted the press release and again he refused to respond.

Two days after, I was left with no choice that to cancel the gig and guess what ? he wrote me back immediate asking me what I wanted. I responded back and repeated my concerns and way I have cancelled the gig. Hoping that we would see sense in my point and make the necessary corrections.

But unfortunately he wrote me back that that it’s against Fiverr policy for him to send me the links of the work he had done for. And he also declined my mutual cancellation request. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, then I asked him to send me the proof of work as an attachement. He still refused.

Then for the second time, I requested that he cancel the gig as he failed to address my concerns, he got back again and declined my request.

Three times all together now he kept declining my mutual cancellation requests and yet he’s not proving me any proof of work.

I can’t believe that this can blatantly happen on Fiverr. I said to him, how do you expect to get paid and not delivering what you’ve be paid for, he refused to respond.

My theory is that he had been doing this to others and no one ever asked him for any proof of work. Because he has 100% feedback by 10 buyers.

Can anyone please advice me on what to do next. All he does now is to decline my cancellation request. What can I do next, please advice.

He needs to be stopped, defrauding buyers.


That’s exactly my point, neither is he giving me any proof of work nor accepting cancellation. I have used all methods I can think of to get at least some of the work he claimed to have done for me, including using Google search and others.

But nothing he claimed to have done that could be found anywhere on the Internet. The gig is meant to be a press release publicly available. I think he should be banned really.