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Pls Review my first GIG


I joined Fiverr a little over 5 months ago. I just created my very first gig 2 days ago and i want you guys to help me review it. I’m still learning hoe this thing works and how one can get more views and clicks which will lead to more sales.


Firstly, you should give it more than 2 days then see what kind of views, clicks etc you get (and probably not over a holiday period). In that time you should browse the forum, read the academy, look at articles on how to improve your clicks/views/conversion.
Secondly, you have ‘Wordprss’ in the title and ‘WordPpress’ in the profile description which might make it hard for people wanting Wordpress gigs to find your gig so re-read for typos and correct.


Thanks for the advise.


You need to be patient. Some new sellers take months to get their first order.