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Pls share your experience in " Recent Buyer Requests "

Hi, i’m omanbux. so past one weeks time i haven’t receive any new order. so now I’m trying to get some work from “Buyer Requests”. unfortunately still that didn’t work to me. i have send more than 40 offers. pls tell me your experience. when they update new Requests ?. thanks.

Seems like even when I refresh the page, there are only updates for NEW buyer requests appearing 2-3 times/day. Not ‘as they come in.’
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Take this shit to My Fiverr Gigs, you’re spamming it up here. Remember that people can click on your pic/username to view your gigs.

It’s still rusty. Still many sellers post there their gigs.Although only selles cand see their gigs. I think you have to refresh that page a LOT. i do not think that they wat to see the best gig posted. i think the first one that send the right gig gets the order. Good luck ^.^