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Plz cheq my gig


Hi dear peoples plz cheq my gig and send me some offers in just $5 im ready to make something awesome and 4 business cards in just $5


Hi, the principle is that the dear people order from you, and not send you offers.
Also, try harder with your Gig Cover, as the pictures are all from templates downloaded from Google.
Show your own designs to have a chance.
Most buyers come from USA, UK, Down Under, Canada or Europe… avoid the use of “dear”, “brother”, “sister” and such, as they may see it unprofessional.



Yea i think u are right


You can advertise your gig(s) in My Fiverr Gigs. However, there are no guarantees that you’ll generate sales. Don’t beg! If potential buyers want to place an order they’ll do it.


The first line of your gig description has a serious typing error that needs fixing. Also I suggest making more gigs showing the other skills that you mention in your profile.