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Plz let me know how to improve my gig

I am new here, plz let me know how to improve my gig bcoz haven’t got any order, its been more that 15 days… thanks for the feedback

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Your gig looks fine and very professional. It’s just that it takes some time to get your first order. People are less likely to trust a seller with no reviews nor orders. You can promote your gig (not spam it) and hopefully it gets a lot of views and clicks and one of those clicks will be your future first buyer. Don’t give up hope!


Sometimes it takes 2 months to get an order by the way I have seen your gig. You must need to decrease your price because now it is too high. You always should consider as a new seller. My keen suggestion to you decrease the gig price for now after completing a few orders you can increase the gig price again. Try and understand the market algorithm.

I hope you will get the order very soon. Your gig is very eye-catching and professional.
Best of luck.

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I will question this simply because whenever I try to do business with the $5 crowd, they behave so poorly that almost no result but an argument is possible.

The Gig looks really professional so as a buyer, while I might want to pay less (even if it was $1), being too cheap really makes me think the person is not doing proper work - like I will get Clip Art from Google at 7dpi.

That said, Fiverr seems to only support the $5 worker, which is insane as no one can make a living by doing multi-hour work (skilled or not) for what often calculates to about 50 cents an hour. I did cheap stuff at :insert other place: and honestly, whilst my list of jobs with 5-stars grew, my client base did not.

It is a tricky one but I am entirely unconvinced that a “race to the bottom” is good for anyone.

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I haven’t noticed this at all. In fact, I regularly sell my $180 package, and all of my experiences working with Fiverr have been stellar and very supportive. As far as I’ve seen, Fiverr does a great job supporting sellers who are willing to make efforts to support themselves. It is usually the sellers who complain that Fiverr isn’t telling them what they want to hear, that are complaining – here on the forums – that “Fiverr doesn’t support sellers”.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Perhaps Fiverr doesn’t feel the need to support sellers who don’t want to do anything to work within the rules and build their own businesses the “doer” way.

Huh. Well then, I guess I’m happy to be losing that race.


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Thanks for the suggestion, what I do is really expensive work… And it takes more then what i asked… If i lower the price they ll doubt my capabilities , coz this work is rare… Those software use have a great demand worldwide and futuristi… That is why i asked this… But still what i asked is not comparatively others demanded… :slight_smile:
Still u r right… That is why i did put a lower priced gig…

Thank u dear, that is the truth… And i totally agreed with u…

The best seller in that category seems to be kitchen cabinet design. Go figure.

Next best is interior design.

Examine your competitors, see what they’re doing and adjust your own gigs appropriately - do not copy them - just take a look, get some ideas and incorporate the ideas into your own gigs in your own words.