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Plz see my profile and advice me

plz see my profile and tell me what need to do

Myself and other people have replied to your other posts, and I get the feeling you simply do not understand how you are supposed to do business yet.

First of all, DO NOT LIE, this means do NOT COPY other people’s descriptions.
I know that particular section has been deleted for the translation gig, but it said that you are a TRS. I also saw in another gig description “Please check out my feedback.” You don’t have any
feedback yet!

Just this alone clearly shows two mistakes you are making:

  1. You are stealing other people’s descriptions.
  2. You are not even taking the time to read through the description, you simply copy/pasted it,
    which means you are not willing to put in the time or effort to set up a good gig; in other words
    you completely lack professionalism.

So, you might ask “ok, then tell me what I need to do.”

If you cannot figure out at this point what you “need to do,” I’m afraid you are not ready to work here.

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Good work and profile.

thank you sir for your good advice

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thank you sir for your reply

hello pals, please can anyone view my profile gig and tel me the next thing to do, i just set up my gig profile and am yet to receive any order.

Please expert buddy’s !!! i just set up my GIG and i’m yet to receive any order, can anyone read up my gig description and tel me the next thing to do? Thanks