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Plz someone help me

I join fiverr in 2 month. In this 2 month i sell only 4 gig. i want to work in fiverr. But my sell is very poor. Now what can I do? plz help me…

I share my gig in social Media, But sell not increase.

Optimize your gig content on the basis of service

Be creative with your gigs, currently your offering nothing I can’t get from tons of other sellers!

Offer more than others - once you have sales coming in and are ranking higher you can drop down you offering a bit.

Talha, I have a simple suggestion for you. You are a man of talents. I see in your profile that you have many skills. So a gig work is not a difficult work for you. So I suggest, you offer people 2 or 3 gigs for the price of 1. Do this until you get Level 1. Or continue that offer until you reach Level 2. Then you can stop the offer. Put your offer in your title. Later you can change your title. And this is not against Fiverr TOS at all. Over-delivering is a good thing for starters.

you can follow this guide, i hope you can success short time

2 month=4 gig…

I’m here about 1 year…0 sells…I try to make sells but anyone can’t buy from me!! no orders no sells I don’t know what?..:frowning:

You are probably very skilled at what you do. The few ratings that you do have are all excellent! That says a lot about the quality of work you provide. The unfortunate part is that most people will never give you the chance to show what you can do if your gigs aren’t well presented. You have English listed as your only/primary language, that’s not true. There is nothing wrong with not being able to speak English fluently, however when you advertise that you speak only English but your gig descriptions use the language poorly, it turns people away.

You are able to put multiple languages on your profile, I would suggest that you include your primary language and English, not just English as that is misleading (not a good way to start a relationship with buyers). Next and most importantly, I would edit your gig descriptions so they are using proper grammar and appear professional. If you can’t do this, you can certainly have someone do that for you. The goal is to have the description of your gigs look as professional and high quality as the work they represent. I’m certain that if you change how you present your work, you will see a dramatic increase in sales. Good luck to you.