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Plz tell me how i improve my gig because I am not getting any orders

Hello everyone i am new here Please give me a some suggesions


Tip #1 Read for more than 6 mins before asking for help so broadly that no one can help you with anything.

Tip #1.1 I will assume that you have never sat down to work out who your Real Customers are going to be. If I did look at your Gig, I would bet that I would find something very generic - as in exactly like 12 billion other gigs out there. Why would anyone choose yours? even based on chance alone, your odds are low, seeing your gig won’t have proof that you make people happy.

This would indicate that you haven’t stopped to think about what makes your service special (and if you say the presence of you, you lose). What do you do that makes your offering special? Do you draw crabs in the corner of everything? Do you understand the nature of working with Alzheimers patients?



Check this out:


same problem we are facing how will we survived ??

Are you new here? Because I am new here i have no idea how I am improve my gigs

THANKYOU For giving me a good openion