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Plz tell me how to improve profile


plz tell me how to improve my profile my impression are down below ,i can open my profile for 1 month so thats why my profile is down plz tell me how to improve plzlzzzz


Recreate your gigs there is no option besides this, I have the same problem I have to recreate my one gig. Save your description and images and use that in your new gig.


Share your gigs on social media and change your tags and tittle.


i have some domestic problem so thats why i don’t open my profile


i can creat all the gig new


So sorry to hear about your problems, first you can change your title and description maybe it will help your gigs, if not then start to recreate one by one not all gigs at the same time.


ok thanks for encourage and guiding


You are welcome :slight_smile:


one thing more you can tell me a few days later i have order for logo design but i don’t open my profile so thats order will cancel or not


What is the delivery time for that logo?


he dosenot mention there


If the order is in progress and you have time to deliver it, so deliver it.


i can sms him i can wait for reply him


What is your gig timing for logo creation.


he send me oder in 1st septmr


yes you can contact him that he still interested or not.


hmm this is a long period of time.


ok hope for the best :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


yeah long time see what the cleint can want now


Wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face: