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PM'img before order required

Hello lovely people of fiverr,

I have a question. So I have a gig which mostly requires a lot of info and changes required from the buyer, but the problem is sometimes buyers dont provide info and just straight up order with very less info, some buyers dont even say anything after ordering and they never come online back. This happened me two times in the past two days.
And I had to dispute the order and my order completion went from 95% to 75% which hurts my ranking on the fiverr page.

So the only way to solve this is to make it required to PM me or contact me before ordering.

Is there a way to make it required for people to PM me before ordering? Sort of like they contact me and I give them a custom offer.


As far as I know, there is no option to force buyers to contact you before placing an order.

However, there have been many forum posts from sellers saying “the buyer didn’t contact me before ordering”. The standard response is “buyers don’t have to contact you before placing an order”.

Yes, I agree there are many circumstances where it would be sensible to chat before an order is made - but at the end of the day, buyers aren’t obliged to do so.


Why just to make your requirements mandatory to fill? And also to write all your questions in the requirements section


Thats exactly what I do, but buyers fill in stuff like “Nope not contacted”, I wish if fiverr had a feature to do that.

I also face the same problem. Some buyers don’t submit the order requirements properly. And they never come online. That’s frustrating.

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