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Poetry and creative writer

hiii everyone !
how to get more jobs?

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Checked out your gig–maybe it’s the inconsistent punctuation that puts people off? Also, reducing love poetry to “lovey dovey mushy love poems…” doesn’t come across as super heartfelt…

hiii angel,
checked your gig
it needs a proofreader
upload some samples
Use buyers request

to end the word…?? :thinking:

Hiii …Dats f9 but apart frm dat …How to get more offers ? Generally

Hi …Lovey dovey mushy poems s more heartfelt Dan any other luv expression …Dear it’s cool

So tell me what did you do in those microseconds that you saved by typing like THIS :arrow_up: ?

This is not professional and this is wont help you in getting sales.


Is your keyboard not working properly? You seem to be missing some letters - maybe think about fixing it before anybody buys your gig - I’d hate for you and your buyer to be disappointed.

You’ve had some great advice on the thread - good luck! :sunny:

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I don’t know, I would think most writers would make it their priority not to use cliches as a crutch :stuck_out_tongue: