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Pointless shopping basket

So you have added a shopping cart facility, which would be a wonderful addition, if I could checkout using Skrill as I hate Paypal with a passion and as I am not in the habit of buying negative seo Bitcoin is pretty pointless.

Even worse I cant delete items from my shopping cart, so now i get a message every other day telling me I have un-purchased items in my cart, even though I went back and purchased all 4 gigs in the old fashioned way.

Also that annoying pop up message asking me if there is any reason stopping me making a purchase…


The shopping basket is for those who want to purchase several gigs at the same time. For example, my best friend writes eBooks and buys book reviews, he might buy 5 reviewers at once. Then he goes to each gig and shares the link. See? This saves him time.

You don’t say? I bet you were never top of your class, I have 4 items in my basket, but there is no way to remove them…