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Pokemon, concept art and illustration


Hello people :slight_smile:

I have 2 new gigs id love you to look at!

  1. Black and white character designs! If you can think of it I can draw it!!
  2. Pokemon illustrations! Pretty self explanatory if you love Pokemon or cute creatures you may like this gig :slight_smile:

    Thanks for looking and if anyone wants to add them to their collections ill return the favour!!

    Hope everyone is well speak to you all soon!



You should probably have posted this in the gigs section.

That said, cool stuff man. Especially liked the drawing style on the guy with the hammer. I’ve saved the first gig in case I need something like this down the line. Good luck with the sales, I hope you do well :slight_smile:


Reply to @yeaman77: Thanks glad you like the work! and thanks for letting me know that I posted it in the wrong section :slight_smile: