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Poker Reveals Fiverr's Algorithm!

Hi Fiverr’ss -
This might explain why Leveled sellers are hurting recently.
I’m a relatively new seller but recently I had 1 of my gigs get the “Rising Talent” badge. This shot up my sales and ultimately helped me get to Level 1. But because I was was very near getting Level 1 before I got the badge,. This opened up a little window into how Fiverr’s new ranking now works. Obviously when the rising talent badge went away so did the volume of sales. So with the help of some poker and mathematics I came up with this sad realisation. Knowing any of this won’t help get your gig up futher. And remember this is just my personal belief. I won’t bore you with the specifics just the outcome.

  1. Avalanche Shuffle Ranking…
    Online poker uses “the Avalanche shuffle” to keep the deck honest. Imagine all the gigs in a category are in a big deck of cards that continually shuffles, new gigs are thrown in there when they arrive. Accept this shuffle is not that honest. (Its a Bit like a dodgy black jack deck with to many face cards.)

2 Level Sellers Are Face Cards…
So a Jack would be level one. And an Ace would be a Pro-Seller “lol”. The rest of the deck are new Sellers. Depending on how many millions of gigs there are Fiverr works out how many “Face cards” it needs to put in the shuffle at any given time.
This is to try and make if fair so every one gets a chance. But it’s not because established sellers are shafted by this deal …and no amount of working harder or marketing can fix it…read on.

3.The Result of This Shuffle.
So the deck is in a constant Shuffle. Let’s say a buyer searches for “voice over”, the search deals out a mixed bag of new and experienced gigs
This is why sometimes there is no ryme or reason for your positioning. For some bad gigs ending up at the top sometimes.

4 This is Why Gig Sales Are Fluctuating
I’m putting this in very simple terms. But essentially because the decks of cards are now so huge. Luck now plays a big part in how well you do. This is why people are getting sales and statistics all over the place.

5 An example
A buyer types in “British voice over” .On this day Fiverr makes half the deck all Jack’s. Because you are a level 1 seller. You have a 50/50 chance that the shuffle will spit you out on top. Thats good odds. But that’s not the reality, because the deck is changing every couple of days.

6 Deck Change Every 3-4 days
I would say Fiverr decides how many face cards are in the deck every couple of days

7 Why do this now
Vast number of bloated gigs, lots of gigs not earning a dime. Fiverr wanting to go public… Better to have a poor gig earn a few bucks once in a while than sit on the server taking up valuable space.

This might sound crazy, but I bet this is how it works now.


Fun analogy, :grin: maybe you are correct, :blush: maybe not. :zipper_mouth_face:


It might be that way but not quite as random. This is because things are definitely factored into the shuffle such as your completion rate, average price, conversion rate, and overall profitability for the site, along with how fast you are delivering. Each of these is given different weights.


My theory is this,

  1. They shuffle gigs to give everyone chances, these chances are given to gigs which are optimised well for keywords, tags, title, seo and description etc.

  2. The system keep checking which news gigs are profitable at their place, for an example if a gig replaces another placed at 3rd column in 5th row, they will analyse if this new gig is giving more profit or not.

  3. If the new gig doesn’t make much profit then it will be pushed back and previous gig will be given old position.

  4. Whenever a gig completes new sale of high value it will be pushed forward for more exposure.

  5. Whenever you cancel a order you will be pushed back.

  6. Same happens in search results.

  7. Every one sees a different gig page, see attached for reference. One is open in regular mode and another is open in incognito mode.


You are correct, but I think you will find your IP figures into the the search as well . I did an experiment today that proves this. Don’t forget vibhanshu Fiverr has 2 big problems. To many starving gigs and too many s******y ones. What you are explaining is how it used to work. I forgot to add that they might be doing this random


The Carrot and stick game is in full effect here


The question is why. Why does your IP matter to how you see the search results?

If you are in incognito mode you see different results. From a marketing standpoint it would make sense to show you gigs you have seen before.

If you are in incognito mode you see results that a newcomer to the site sees.


Interesting. For the past few months my theory was: Fiverr is doing some kind advertisement waves and therefore I have orders in a strange wave pattern (at the beginning of the month and at the end). For example sometimes I have couple of the orders only from German clients - quite strange.

I’m interested how Fiverr treats low rating gigs. I am interested in 2 my keywords and when I perform a search check I can see some very low ratting (like 1 or 2 stars) gigs at the front. Quite strange and incomprehensible for me, but it is how it is.


Oh wow, that’s a good way of explaining complex things…never imagined this Fiverr platform as a deck of cards… And IF it’s truly similar as to what you mentioned, it means that we are playing this ‘game’ by pure luck and only luck to get on top…which is bad for me since I don’t get that many luck in life…lol :sweat_smile:

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Because if yoo had previously done that search,it registered it.

I think you are right - they do have some shuffle algorithm going on. I see a bit of everything - high priced gigs, low priced gigs, new gigs, old gigs, high rated gigs, low rated gigs, there really isn’t a criteria for what goes into the searches anymore.

Real talk, I remember when the new algorithm came out, I put one of my gigs for $500 as a joke and it appeared in the 1st search result as Best Selling. Pissed alot of customers off but meh lol


The IP doesn’t matter. But it helps the server work out what kind of results that IP is preferable too. I’m guessing if you search " voice over" on any device (even once) . The server figures you like voice overs. And the shuffle goes into effect. Incognito or not. Proof of this would be if you search your own gig over and over and then favorite it. Then pick up a device thats never had the address inputed, strangely your gig shows up in a search results higher than before. Another proof that the server tracks every single search is if your logged in and search the same tags , eventually the server spits out one of those emails to your account. “Hi we see your looking for a bhah- blah here’s a selection” . It’s normally a mixed bag, but sometimes it will include a gig you have favored on a device that was logged in

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Arthur Conan Doyle


Very much doubt that :frowning:
The more sellers register on this platform the more it becomes a question of pure luck to appear on the front page or even show in search results. Much like in lottery
You need to realize that this is not google, fivv uses a basic algorithm they came up in the very beginning and never actually changed; might have been ok for a smaller amount of gigs, but as numbers increase the math rules that need to apply need to change too; and on fivv they simply don’t …
Also, in case you did not notice yet, there is a limited number of pages showing a very limited number of gigs in each category … so you need to wonder … where’s the rest? (that “rest” might count thousands or even tens of thousands)

I suspect the’re using IP’s to apply this shuffle too.
Fiverr server sees a search from two separate IP’s for let’s say “voice over” . But because it’s a constant Shuffle the results for new or idle gigs would be different. I guarantee you this is what the’re doing, to spice up things before the IPO

even if they were using different IPs (which btw is a very “basic” solution, could eventually be used to “patch” a system and surely not to upgrade it in any way) this would definitely NOT help increase relevancy, visibility and surely not the quality … And also NOT the finances :slight_smile:
And honestly, judging by the traffic I see, even if used, such a “trick” does not bring much. There were month when despite good level and past good deals and all, I saw NO traffic AT all … So the gigs were simply not showing anywhere …
Additionally, most new-comers especially from Asia, “bite” onto the 5$ gigs, in the hope this will “help” them build some sort of traffic here (or maybe they are really happy with such prices :confused:), without realizing that once they get closer, they’ll land into fivver’s loterry wheel, so that all that was for nothing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: as there will always be new-comers

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Not sure of your point there. But my point is not their IP but yours. How does Fiverr get idle or new gigs seen by more people? If all things we’re equal then two new potential buyers search for the same thing their results would be the same. However it’s not. I’ve searched in different locations with IPs never touching the Fiverr’s server. So it’s not rocket science, the server simply makes sure it spits out different results to different IPs that log on to Fiverr’s search engine. It’s not fair because leveled sellers don’t always show at the top. Hence the shuffle!

my IP ?!? maybe you mean the IP of the person searching on Fiverr, right?
but I don’t really care from which IP they search from, I just look into analytics and see how much traffic was there … and there really were month with zero traffic … so … no one touched fiverr during that time?
I am telling you, the gigs are periodically “parked” in a no-man’s land, no matter how great your previous results were. And from time to time they “pick you back up” and throw you in the shuffle Wheel. Than you start seeing some traffic again


I totally agree. I think the deck has reached critical mass

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