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[POLL] Available now - how quickly should you have to respond?

What time frame should you have to respond to a message when using “Available Now”?

  • Within 5 minutes
  • Within 10 minutes
  • Within 15 minutes
  • Within 30 minutes
  • Other

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I look forward to the results.

Within an hour, as you are not expected to be on here 24 hours

This is referring to the “Available Now” feature and is not a a general poll.

There is an option on fiverr for sellers to put on “Available Now”, this means that they are on fiverr at this point in time and are ready to accept orders.

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I voted 15 minutes because you might be available now but you are in the midsts of another discussion with a different seller while a new enquiry might come through so you need to have a reasonable amount of time to reply. Though, if there would be a quicker way to switch between threads…


That’s exactly what I voted, for similar reasons too.

5 minutes is rarely enough time - especially when you’re busy with multiple requests. Since notifications often come a few minutes late you usually end up with 2-3 minutes to respond in the end.

10 or 15 is much more reasonable in my opinion.

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There is already a poll with a lot of responses in the category “Fiverr Site Suggestions”

15minute because it stated clearly that the moment one activate the avaliable now, you should be able to reply within 15min

I am a full-time freelancer and I usually reply in first 3 minutes from the beginning till now.


I think that very good