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💚❤️💛 POLL Blind Feedback System - Yay, Nay or Meh?

:red_circle: NOTE: I see the mods closed the poll and thread already, thanks. Due to the review system having been changed again, this topic is not relevant anymore, please see this thread by staff for further details:

Gig feedback and reviews :red_circle:

The Blind Feedback System. Yay, nay or meh for you?

  • I kinda like it.
  • Yay, I’m loving it!
  • I kinda don’t like it.
  • I hate it from the bottom of my heart!
  • Meh. I don’t care.
  • I don’t know.
  • Blind Feedback? What blind feedback?

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Mod Note: Please see update on the review system from 10-16-18: Gig feedback and reviews


That’s really bad effect for the seller community…

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I mean That’s not good for me and others sellers …

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I’m hoping I get to “I don’t care” soon.

I’m surprised how much I miss that little pop up saying I got 5 stars. I’ve been enjoying that for years.


Can i vote multiple times?
I really hate it alot. I have fiver (flu) but still can not pass the opportunity to say that it is really bad


Does anyone else appreciate what a huge difference seller motivation makes to the overall bottom line of sales?

I’ve seen it in companies that whenever sellers only get paid every two weeks instead of every week, the total profits of the company goes way down due to lack of motivation of sellers just from this.

Things that kill seller motivation are always going to hurt sales and income of a company.

Not being notified immediately when a seller gets five stars is killing a seller’s motivation. Yes it sounds silly, unless you are a seller and know this affects how you feel, and also if you are watching and aware of what something seemingly small like this actually does to how sellers feel about their work, and the pleasure they get in it.

A happy workforce is a profitable workforce.

The less pleasure workers get from a job and company the more it hurts the overall performance of the entire company. That’s why forward thinking companies have all kinds of percs and advantages they give their employees. It’s proven to improve the company’s bottom line. I know they know this as far as fiverr staff. It also applies to us sellers.


Its good, if you don’t post your review then buyers review doesn’t show up on your profile…

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I agree with you, but at the same time I remember that I live in a country that also doesn’t provide mandatory paid maternity leave, any paid sick leave, we have to pay over 300$ a pop for monthly health insurance with a high deductible. We have an average debt twice as large as our average yearly income, and a lot of that is medical debt and student loans.

In my country we have to fight tooth and nail for a living wage from our employers, as 30% of people earn less than 10$ an hour, and 50% earn less than 15$ an hour. Many store managers are telling their employees how to get on Foodstamps.

So while I agree that a happy worker is a productive worker, the fact that many businesses here doesn’t care about that hits painfully close to home.

Blind reviews need some serious attention!

As a seller, my response review to my buyers has a lot to do with how they’ve experienced working with me. In my opinion, their review needs to come first.

I will most generally respond to what they have to say to me from the information that they leave in their feedback review.

Leaving a blind generic 5 star review for any of my buyers first, seems like an unimportant statement. I want my buyers to know I appreciate what they have to say about their experience working with me, whether it be good or bad.


I agree with this. While I personally liked the old system better, I can 100% understand this. If you had an awful client, but they gave you a 5 :star2: review, you are not likely to mention how awful of a client they were.

In fact, you are going to directly respond to their review. For instance, if a client gives you an unfair 1 :star2: review, your response will usually be to give them 1 :star2: and confront them about it. That says nothing about your personal experience with the buyer, just that you are annoyed with their review.

This blind review system makes the reviews more honest, instead of reactionary. Although I also think it should be easier to see someone’s “buyer review” score if this is going to be the case. How many stars they have as a buyer and why. It’s what they do on UpWk and Freelncr


I still don’t believe most sellers are going to take a risk and put a bunch of 1 star buyer reviews on their page for potential clients to see (and be turned off from.) When potential buyers see that type of perceived negativity, they’ll head over to the page/seller that has a more pleasant seller feedback That’s just how people think. We’re attracted to nice things, including nice words. Visual is huge - even if it is misunderstood.

Even when I get a negative review I have always been cordial - while explaining what happened that caused the buyer to leave the review they did.

There’s a lot to be said for being able to respond to accusations and or misunderstandings.

We can no longer do that.


I’m playing it safe by giving 5 stars with the text “Thank you for the order

I think it’s impossible under this new system to give a comprehensively honest review and response to a good or bad review from a Buyer. I feel forced to give a positive review with the simple text “Thank you for the order” which is factually correct. I really am thankful for the order.


I have been very lucky to work with awesome buyers.

I have only received one poor (2.5 stars) review in 3 years, so my review ratings are stable at 5 stars.

I always give 5 star ratings to all of my buyers, even the 2.5 star rating. They have put their trust in me to produce a service for them, and if they are not totally happy with the outcome, I apologize that I was not able to accommodate them as needed, then wish them well. I honestly give my buyers 100% regarding their gig requests and so far 99.9% of the time they appreciate it. And… I think it looks good for prospective buyers to see heart felt responses.


Yep. We’ve just stopped leaving buyer reviews altogether because of this. It’s really quite sad. If a buyer expresses an issue with their order in a review, we can’t see it, and therefore we aren’t afforded the opportunity to fix it. Its a disservice to the buyers AND the sellers. We just deliver products now and don’t care how people review. We choose not to look, because we are simply not going to leave blind feedback. Truly unfortunate for all.


A company I used to work for in New Zealand tried to motivate front desk staff by giving monthly cash (and other) prizes to those who sold the most travel and activity bookings. I won month after month and I was determined to do so as it let me do things like skydiving completely FOC.

6-months after rolling out this incentive, my manager told me that it wasn’t fair that I kept winning. In this case, they weren’t going to issue rewards if I came first place anymore. This resulted in lower sales across the board, but not because it demotivated me. All other staff simply lost interest and didn’t strive to be as competitive anymore.

You should become an expat. Give up the American dream of debt and doughnuts and set sail for Mexico, Argentina, Asia, or the Caucuses. Apparently, in Georgia, it is possible to live on $400 a month. You will often also find that people are happier, more tolerant, and healthier when they work less and live more.

I have an abject fear of ever having to return to the UK. Work and life balances are so far removed from what feels natural and is practically sustainable, that every city is just a concrete hive of badly dressed ants bickering at each other. Of course, most of them are anesthetized to reality thanks to social media…

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Oh, I can’t stand the new system. But it’s just one of many “more pressure for sellers, less pressure for buyers” updates so I’m kind of resigned to the whole thing.

You’d think it leaves the seller some wiggle room to choose not to showcase a potentially spiteful review or two but it’ll affect the overall rating and the ranking still so what’s the point.

I leave 5* and “Thank you” if the experience was good to unmemorable, 4* if something was off. If anything was worth leaving a 1* for me personally I cancel/report the buyer.

I’m not going to write an essay about my experience every time to have more gig reviews showcased, I’m sorry. It takes me time and concentration I’d rather save for my projects. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before fiverr finds a way to discourage sellers from leaving vague reviews like this but for now, it works for me.

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Costa Rica or Belize is a possibility. I’m also thinking of Australia also or New Zealand. A friend has been in S. America traveling around in various countries for years. I’m also thinking of a van outfitted as a home that can go from place to place here. Those youtube videos about it are so tempting. But we probably wouldn’t have insurance or maternity leave in other places either.

Awesome :sunny:
They think, PRO can takeover all thing and improve their reputation :smile: - ****

So many voters think one choice

Is there any chance that Fiverr will revert back to the old review system? I guess, the blind review system is still in beta version.