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[Poll] Do you feel insecure online?

If you do, I can help!

I do hand-drawn digital portraits in my fun, unique style. They make great gifts but are especially handy for online security. No more creepy weirdos or irate buyers hunting you down.

I’m just curious to as to how you feel with online security as it relates to profile pictures and showing the real you.

  • I’m fine plastering my face across the internet.
  • I have reservations but I’m not too worried.
  • I like to use a portrait or artwork to help disguise my face a bit.
  • I feel better just showing a logo.
  • Everyone’s out to get me! Hide in a digital bunker!
  • I illegally use stock photography just hoping no one will call me out.

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That is actually a fun question and a clever way to promote your gig. Nicely done!

I personally don’t have a problem with showing my face, but I wouldn’t mind getting a portrait done by an artist, just for the sake of art. :slight_smile:



I’d love to work with you for the sake of art! :+1:


We hear stories of IoT going wrong, online security breaches, and real-life attacks emerging from social media, but I feel like these are the exception instead of the norm. Despite Fiverr’s best efforts at privacy by retaining information and prohibiting outside communication, there’s always a risk on a platform like this, and I thought it might be interesting to hear other’s opinions on the level of security they feel exists/is necessary.

Obviously concerns extend beyond just showing your face. Feel free to share any other thoughts on Fiverr privacy policies or online privacy in general.

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Hey, I like the poll, what did you use in creating it?

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When you’re writing a post/reply it’s under the gear, the very right button in the toolbar. It’s pretty easy to build.

Glad you like it. Got any comments to go along with your answer?

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Very original and creative post! :+1:



Care to elaborate on your answer and explain your thinking process?


I simply changed my more attractive profile picture to an uglier one and that shot down all the creeps 70%. (I’m not even kidding).

People are statistically more comfortable working with someone they can actually see, even if it’s just a blurry profile picture, so there is that. I don’t mind.


Wow. There we have it. Don’t make your profile picture look too good!

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hmm that`s i think also

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Here are a couple samples of my illustrations. I do portraits (shoulders up or whole body) as well as drawings of objects. Order on the platform of message me to discuss details.

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hi, what you are thinking now? hhhhhhhhh