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Poll - Do you know what Spillover is?

Poll - Do you know what Spillover is?

Yes or No?

I’m in the process of putting together a website that will share a method for people to obtain regular spillover. But without explaining what it is I am curious to know from this community if they know what it is. This way I can gauge if I’m using too niche a word and need to rephrase things.



Sometimes I have a “Spillover” with my coffee machine or my blender. :wink:

My knowledge of this is vague and basically comes from being in the voice over industry.

Roughly speaking; Spillover is when in an upline/downline sales or marketing network, it’s the ability to have new customers or affiliates put under you by your upline, and/or the ability to place customers or affiliates under others in your down line. You see phrases like “Guaranteed Spillover” or “Automatic Spillover” in a lot of voice over sales copy.

Perfect answer!

I’m still curious how many people would know this. Like if we had 9 more people comment here and only 2 knew of this term and the other 7 didn’t. Then 30% knowledge of this term would mean I really need to change my wording. But then i guess just because someone’s on Fiverr doesn’t gurantee they have great knowledge of affiliate marketing.

I’m honest: I have no idea what spillover is or means :frowning:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Sometimes I have a “Spillover” with my coffee machine or my blender.

If I hear the word Spillover, the above is what comes to mind. I wasn’t aware it was used in affiliate marketing.