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Poll for average selling price?

  • 5-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-200
  • 200+

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Are you asking what’s our average selling price?
What are you asking us to vote for? :slight_smile:


My average selling price is different for custom orders than regular orders.


Something doesn’t add up with these poll results :confused:
How can there be so many results with “200+” (which I assume is for “$200+”?)? Yet the other poll shows only 25% for “above $40”. Is the poll in dollars or something else?


Because nobody actually tells the truth in online polls? :wink:


This poll is anonymous.
You can choose up to 3 answers.

  • I always tell the truth in polls
  • I never tell the truth in polls
  • I sometimes lie in polls
  • I WISH my average selling price was $200 +
  • I am not telling the truth in this poll

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My custom orders price different then regular order :slight_smile:


Your average selling price to know how its going like its helps for different sellers according to their skill then


You knowing someone else’s average selling price is NOT going to make you a better seller. Don’t compare yourself to the success of others. What other people do, and how successful they are doing it, has absolutely no bearing on the success you can build for yourself.


You are right but atleast like we scare that not taking small orders will not get sales so a little motivation that yeh may be people with average selling price like if I have 10 I can try to make 20 that is aim.

Otherwise different sellers have diff work value


My average is above $200, I hope it helps then :wink:


Yes and don’t think I don’t check Gigs I do and I know different gigs have diff value. But it helps


Unless you’re offering identical gigs to people who actually tell the truth in your poll, it won’t help you, or anybody else I’m afraid. :wink:


It seems you’re offering somewhat similar service, but I don’t think knowing my average helps you much. You can probably figure out my average if you check my gigs. My website building gig starts at $300 and I don’t do even a consultation for free, but it’s because I invest about $100-200 in licenses, while you promise to build a website on any theme for $10. If you’re offering “ANY theme” package then you have a lot of hidden fees. If a client asks you to build a site on Avada ($59) then where would you get that money. You would have to charge extra because you can’t use a stolen theme.

You also make promises such as “Life time security layer” and “100% money REFUND anytime”. I would never make such promises to any client because I can’t offer lifetime support and I definitely don’t give refunds without a good reason.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep and charge clients what your service is worth. If a buyer sees that you’re offering a full website creation for $10 then they don’t think it’s a good deal, most likely they think it’s low quality.


I never use stolen themes and like you said you inverst 100-200$ in licenses but installing it on multiple website is also wrong I guess.

Being new on Fiverr if my prices were high like no one will come and I have written clearly only 1 or 2 page for 10$ so for a full website I charge different and my highest so far and order is 450$. The average for WP design for me is likely 50+ but I offer bug fixes for which hardly 5-20$ are charged but still being new and having average 30$+ for all is I guess good until I atleast go up.

If there are more tips I will love that as your are exprienced. Like when shall I increase and recently I tried to increase and add packages the sales got down


Responsive Design
5 Plugins/Extensions
2 Pages

This is what I offer in 10$ actually Just 2 pages and like e-commerce sites come for those 70$ is minimum


It’s called developer license :wink: Do your homework

Get your website designed with any Theme of your choice. I can Install theme demo and also customise or add everything in the way you want.

You promise ANY theme for $10. What happens if user asks Avada theme? You don’t mention anywhere who will pay for that license or if it will be charged extra. This is misleading information.
Create packages and explain to your clients what they get for $10.


So Basically you mean I shall Write get any theme installed (But you have to pay for theme)
LOL these thing can be discussed in box and like you mean If I sell anything I tell to my customer that I brought this for 100$ but you have to pay 120$ LOL is this how business is done??


It’s up to you how you do business :slight_smile:


That is right some decive some go good but some things are hidden too as per your view I got that write even single thing

Its right we should not lie or do wrong but keep somethimgs hidden and discuss in chat may be works for new users