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POLL: Has your gig's ranking or number of orders changed recently?

In the past week to one month: (Your answer is anonymous. Your name will not be shown.)

  • My gig’s ranking has gone down
  • My gig’s ranking has gone up
  • My gig’s ranking has not changed

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If you don’t know the answer please don’t vote.

POLL NUMBER 2. Your answers will be anonymous.

In the past week to one month:

  • My orders have increased
  • My orders have gone down
  • My orders have stopped
  • I’ve never gotten any orders
  • I’ve never gotten enough orders to notice
  • I don’t know

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My orders have gone down, mainly because I had to turn down work because of already working on a big order. I think.

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POLL NUMBER 3: Anonymous answers, no names shown

  • I have noticed a very BIG change in my number of orders
  • I have noticed a slight change in my number of orders
  • I have noticed no change in my number of orders

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So far this is not going over too well. Maybe tomorrow it will pick up.

This last three weeks has had two of my best weeks ever on fiverr. The week before that was the worst I had ever had aside from my first week.


This is what a few people have told me.

This week has been going great for me primarily because of many clients coming back since the restrictions on businesses are lessening.

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Glad to hear that Jim.

So many of mine are Account Created March-May 2020.
I have actually had several regular clients ask to pause things as they are literally at home at the moment. I told some of them things they could be doing that we could use when they are ready to come back


I’ve had a big influx of repeat clients in the last two weeks placing large orders.

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I’ve had an increase in messages from new people but either they had nothing to do with my services or just…you know. BUT, I have had a few new clients which is great!

Yeah, that’s pretty much how things are for me too.


Maybe fiverr has done an all out marketing campaign with google ads where they see ads for services they’ve gotten in the past. That’s probably it.

It’s only buyers who have made more than one purchase in the past from me.

They might be doing some testing out of the algorithm, and gig placements in preparation for paid ads. It would make sense that they need to test out gig placements first. Just a wild guess on my part. I can make a few speculations on what they are doing as far as rearranging where our gigs are located but I will wait on the new developments.

March and April were my two busiest months on record, I had a small mental breakdown a couple weeks ago due to the amount of work and had to take a week off, and since coming back on I’ve had only 2 unique orders come through - so, hopefully just the algorithm settling and I’ll be busy again soon, but since my husband is unemployed due to the virus I’m getting a bit anxious. Ugh.

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I hope you are ok. You’re one of my favorites on the forum.

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You’re so sweet! Likewise :slight_smile:

I’m doing fine. Feeling about as uncertain and anxious as I’m sure everyone else is, but hanging in there! <3


March and April was maybe the best in the last few months, but ever since impression is down, all my sales flatlined and stopped. I don’t have a clue why Fiverr feels the necessity to “fix” something that isn’t broken.

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61% say their ranking has gone down.

16% say their ranking has gone up.

36% say their orders have gone down.

26% say their orders have increased.

22% say their orders have stopped.

I feel like the overall number of orders has stayed the same, same thing with the ranking. However I believe that each order paid me pretty well, so as a result I am making a bit more. Not a huge difference, but still very thankful! :smiley:

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My Gig sales and number of interests had increased a lot. In just 2 weeks I made 3 times as much as earning throughout the month.