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POLL: Have you read Fiverr's "Terms of Service" document?

Okay, with spate of reports on account bans and such it is increasingly seen how important reading “Terms of Service” is. As a Webmaster I can vouch for the fact less than 0.1% of my visitors see TOS page but how about Fiverr users?

Have you read Fiverr’s TOS? (Not just an occasional peek but reading the document from the first word of the first paragraph to the last word of the last.)

  • Yes
  • No

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The poll is anonymous… so be honest. :slightly_smiling_face:


hmm, only 6 votes? The smart money say most users haven’t read TOS and don’t want to poll as such. :smirk:

FYI, I haven’t read TOS in full either! - but taking print-out right now. It hurts to read legal speak on computer.


Votes didn’t get much better in 3 years either. :smile: