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This poll is completely anonymous. No one will know who you are including me so please answer honestly.

We will later post a voluntary quiz to see how well everyone knows the answers to some simple terms of service questions which will also be anonymous.

  • I have completely read the terms of service and understand all of them.
  • I have completely read the terms of service and understand some of them.
  • I have read a small part of the terms of service.
  • I have not read the terms of service.
  • I do not want to read them and will not read them any time soon.
  • I think they are just a lot of words that no one pays attention to.

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Well, it’s more like:
“I have read all of the TOS a while ago and even though I HAVE technically read everything, I’m not 100% confident whether I remember everything since it’s been several years,” but I believe I am pretty darn aware of the basic rules here.


I’ve got the ‘sellers’ parts down, but I’ll admit there’re a few things in the ‘buyers’ parts I don’t get. Maybe once I get the opportunity to use that side of the platform, so I can see what’s being referenced.


Truly I am read all of terms of service. But i understand some of them. And I am using this forum many times. Reading articles and messages I learn about many valuble facts.

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If anyone has something that needs clarifying or explaining on the terms of service you can post it here.


Though even reading all through the terms of service page probably won’t stop someone getting a warning, even if they do their best to not do anything against it. Warnings are given for things that aren’t (specifically) listed in the terms of service page.

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The ones who didn’t read the terms of service aren’t going to answer the poll probably.

If anyone has suggestions for what questions about the TOS to include in the upcoming quiz you can post them here.

So far I have:

How many accounts can one person have?
Do you know what an empty delivery is and is it allowed?

How many devices can one person use?

Are two or more people allowed to use the same device?

Are two or more people allowed to use the same IP?

Other possible questions:

Is it allowed to ask for a positive feedback/review?

Is it allowed to ask for feedback/review if it’s not specified whether it’s a positive or a negative one?

Is it allowed to exchange reviews with other sellers?

Is it allowed to offer product reviews?

Is it allowed to offer writing essays/assignments/academic work of any kind?

Is it allowed to use a photo of someone else as a profile picture?

Is it allowed to sell cracked software?

Is it allowed to copy another seller’s gig description?

Is it allowed to copy a part of another seller’s gig description?


To be honest I would say that most part of it is a common sense. It’s like everybody knows that you shouldn’t cross on the red light but some people still do hoping to get away or that nothing will happen.

The only uncommon thing for account being banned is two people creating two accounts on one PC. Everything else is pretty predictable.


Makes me laugh when people are like, oh I didn’t know plagiarism could get me banned or I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to spam sellers.

It’s all in the ToS and, as you say, it’s common sense. If something could sabotage Fiverr and mistreat people, why WOULD it be allowed? You shouldn’t need Fiverr to tell you when something is morally and legally wrong.


Looking at the Terms of Service just now there’s quite a bit about the “Fiverr Logo Maker”. I’ve not read about that before. Maybe it’s a brand new thing, and it says it allows “Buyers to adjust and customize per their own specific needs, using special automated design tools”. If it’s a brand new thing I wonder why they haven’t announced it.

It might be common sense but if you can get warnings for things that aren’t listed in the TOS, even if you read it, that isn’t something that would stop you getting a warning if you did everything in there. eg. If you asked a buyer about a review they left you could probably get a warning about that, though that’s not in the TOS. Maybe that/other things are in a policy page somewhere but that’s not easy to find and isn’t linked from the TOS. Things like offering paid review gigs isn’t listed as being not allowed but you’d probably get a warning for that, saying you should know what services are not allowed, despite Fiverr not having a list of them anywhere.

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I think it wasn’t rolled out to buyers yet.
I can see it from sellers side but it doesn’t have any data yet and I think you still can’t buy that service yet.

This is also common sense for me :woman_shrugging: You are lying to people about yours or someone else’s business, hows that doesn’t ring a bell that scamming potential buyers with fake reviews and lying would be allowed?

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Thanks. Maybe they’ll announce it on the forum at some point.

It depends - they might not actually be lying. It depends whether they have enough info to review whatever it is. It can still be an honest review if they actually know enough to review it, and if the fact that it was paid-for was made known to the reader (and as long as it was okay with whatever site it was going on). Basically as long as it was totally unbiased and true and the reader knows it was paid for.

But that was just one example, maybe it isn’t that relevant. But the point is someone could easily get 2 or 3 warnings and easily get banned from the site for something that isn’t mentioned properly in the TOS (maybe it’s in a policy page, maybe it isn’t). Just talking about a review/rating shouldn’t really get you a warning. What I mean is if some things aren’t clear enough or aren’t in the TOS at all but could give you a warning, maybe they should be put in it and/or maybe the warning system should be adjusted (maybe more levels of warnings, maybe just 2 of particular (not serious) warning (or 3 different non-serious ones) shouldn’t be enough to close the account).

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That falls under “thou shall not violate a third party’s terms of service”.

And also under “it’s on sellers to ensure that they have all the necessary rights to offer that service, that it’s not illegal, a fraud, etc, etc.”

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Only if its against a particular site’s TOS and the review was for that site. I don’t think it’s illegal if it’s not against the site’s TOS and it’s an honest, unbiased review and it’s declared that it’s a paid review on the site/in the review.

But see the above post - that isn’t my main point (like I said - that was just an example). The main point being that there will be many things that aren’t listed in the TOS, some probably not that serious (maybe just mentioning the word “review” and asking a buyer about it, maybe someone put the Fiverr level on a gig image or ratings on the gig image or created a gig that’s too similar to another one of their own, maybe someone created a gig that Fiverr once allowed but now doesn’t but doesn’t actually say that it’s now not allowed in the TOS like those in the pranks/stunts category) and that you can get a warning where only 2 or 3 can get the account banned. Maybe my examples aren’t great but the main point is that the TOS doesn’t warn specifically enough about what is/isn’t allowed (some things are in policy pages and some of those make it sound like it’s not a TOS thing/very serious, like Gig image do’s and don’ts) and that the warning system I think should really be looked at so very few non-serious warnings shouldn’t get an account banned.

And maybe the TOS should link to each relevant policy page if doing something against those would also get a warning.

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Wonderful comment! :wink:


Thank you!

It troubles me how many sellers don’t know right from wrong.


You’re most welcome, my dear Human! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you think they’re many. Most of them do know perfectly well, but they simply look the other way without caring: all they care about is their pocket. :wink:

Nice seeing you around! Take care! :relaxed:


There were countless gigs for Amazon reviews, and it’s definitely against Amazon’s ToS.

I believe that’s for a reason. When selling likes/views/subscribers/followers became forbidden (because it violates the ToS of social media), many sellers changed their gigs slightly and said that they would promote a page/channel/whatever until it gets 1,000,000 likes/views/subscribers/followers/whatever, but were actually selling the same old forbidden service.

In other words, making a very specific list will just make dishonest sellers alter the wording of their gigs while still selling what they shouldn’t be selling. They’ll just keep trying to circumvent the rules, just like all the sellers trying to find wording that would make asking a buyer for a review ok.