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POLL: Have your monthly earnings INCREASED or DECREASED this year?


For those of you who have known me I’ve worked on Fiverr for a LOONG time - however I’ve noticed that business just isn’t what it used to be. I feel some of it may have to do with the change in rankings but there are some other factors involved as well. In short, my earnings have been cut more than 70% of what I used to make since this past year and I wanted to know if other users are experiencing the same issue.
It is frustrating for me because though I absolutely love Fiverr, my earnings just aren’t what they used to be, thus I have been pondering deeply of making a career change next year.
So my poll is, have your earnings increased or decreased this year? Maybe it could just be my category but I am curious to know what others are going through.

  • My monthly earnings have increased this year
  • My monthly earnings have decreased this year

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I have been on Fiverr for 4 years - all 4 years have been great, 2nd year was my best, 4th year or this year has been almost as good and could get better by the end of December. But I could lose my TRS status because I got too many orders recently, so delivery time is only 76%…Had to use the limit orders feature, and now in control…hopefully I will be fine by Jan 15.


Thanks to a good few months in the first four months of the year before the BIG CHANGE, it’s about the same. I don’t expect it to be as good next year though if the past few months are any indication.


My earnings have almost tripled compared to last year, but then again my service is not what it used to be either. I started with one-off website audits and now I’m offering complete website revamps from start to finish. Next year I’ll probably take a step further with branding and advertising. I won’t pursue logo design nor social media marketing myself, but I can outsource it to add more value to my gigs.

You need to adapt to the market and add additional value to your gigs. If that’s not possible then maybe you’ve outgrown Fiverr :slight_smile: Take your talent to the next level outside of Fiverr.


50/50 now. I told ya’ll that Fiverr wasn’t as profitable as it was before.


Actually, I wonder if Fiverr is actually maintaining their growth by promoting larger orders (the Pro gigs, and other sellers that have successfully raised their prices)? You may see fewer sales on the site, but what if Fiverr is still making the same profit, just in fewer sales of higher-priced services.

I mean, they are encouraging us sellers to do that, and we know Fiverr is trying to get away from the $5 model. What if they are actually successful in doing so, and we (without access to their stats) just see the fewer sales? :wink:


I want to raise all my prices on all gigs but am scared to do it since my gigs will disappear. I did raise my base price on a few gigs and since then no one buys them, but I blame that on the conversion to packages I had to do to raise the prices.

If they want us to have higher priced gigs I’m ready and willing and eager to do that but for pete’s sake let us do it without making our gigs invisible to buyers


I think it’s their advertising and their gig placements that they’re playing around with which isn’t working out.
Yeah I get some bigger orders but my profits are still cut in half. It sucks but I guess maybe it’s time to do a new career change


This is another issue


It ties into having our earnings go down or up. If you edit your gigs and they disappear, naturally you are going to earn less.


Has your monthly number of orders gone way down? My earnings are directly tied to number of orders and for several months I have been getting about half the orders per month I have always had.


In the end, you may have to just take the leap. Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying, “you don’t get anywhere by sitting still.” If you think you could benefit by updating your gigs, by all means, do so. I’ve updated my gigs quite a bit in recent weeks/months, and I haven’t “disappeared” from the site. You’re never going to get anywhere without trying, innovating, and experimenting.

You can’t live in fear of what might happen. Live boldly, and work with what does happen. :slight_smile:


I’m just glad I didn’t change over all my gigs to packages! The only sales I get are on the old format ones.


this year was worse than other year earnings that’s because of that’s too many experiment in search algorithm by Fiverr. i asked to them and support replied, they are still doing experiment. wow


I took a couple of so called vacations (was in the hospital) in June and August, one week each, and there has not been a recovery in my sales to my pre-vacation earnings. These came on the heels of the big algo change.

If not for these things I would have been buying that new Lexus.


They’ve increased by $200 a month on average.


My monthly income has increased compared last year and last month.

This is what I did since August.

I raised my price to $25 basic gig package and I’m too got worried will turn off client.
I only have 1 order in Oct which is sucks, but since I’m busy relocation to another country I unable to take care of it.

At the beginning of Nov I start changed my gig cover and keep the new raised price, fortunately people still order from me and after few 5 stars ratings completed orders, my gig go back to 1st page in my sub-category.

Then new buyers and order keep rolling in, but I knew this will not last long until my gig go to page 3 or 5 then I’ll keep worrying again.

I’ve been on fiverr since 2011, it’s 6 years. I only can said this is not a ‘stable’ income platform yet even you did great jobs as a freelancer because the competition is too big and fiverr always changing their plan and things.

I admited that I do not like 9 to 5 ordinary work based on my personal characteristic, so I chose to “work for fiverr”. LOL


Hello @chrisdata! Your portraits are amazing! How nice to see another Top Rated Seller who has a very long history here.

I just love your work. :slight_smile:


I like your gig. My only suggestion would be to lower your revisions from 2 to 1, then you can charge extra for revisions.

Other than that, I think you can create more gigs. Very few people can draw, most art directors aren’t illustrators, so imagine an illustrator that learns art direction, imagine the money he can make.


So true. I doubled the price of my gigs a month ago: best decision ever. Fewer sales, but bigger revenue. I really understood how focusing on the money is key for me!