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[Poll] How do you feel about the like button?

Seeing that Instagram is conducting tests hiding the like button for some users worldwide (in my country since a week or two now), I’m curious to know how you all think about the like button on the Fiverr forum.

Please note that this poll is about the like button on the Fiverr forum, not on Instagram, but if you’d like to discuss the Instagram test, or about like buttons in general, about whether you think an online world without likes would be better or worse, and why, please feel free to.

  • I like the like button and hope it will stay
  • I’d rather the like button was gone
  • Dunno

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Results will only be shown on vote, voters are anonymous, and I’ll not vote first, all for the sake of not influencing people :wink:


I like the like button.


I voted in favour of keeping the button. Liking someone’s post is a fairly quick and polite way of ending a conversation with them.

The button would be better if it was used properly, though. There’s no reason for lots of people to post things like “good post” or “thanks for the advice” when we have a like button.


Sometimes someone goes through about ten of my answers at once and gives them all a like. Not sure why they do this.

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I voted to keep the button. It adds to forum participation.

Without it I think we would get hundreds more “Great post” or “Great tips” etc. replies.


It’s nice to get validated this way. And I like having a way to validate others. More things in life should have like buttons.


I “like” this! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s actually in the forum rules/etiquette, although it’s been a while since I read them


When it’s not all posts of selfies then the like button is a good indicator of post quality.
When it’s selfies it upsets me because @vickiespencer (albeit deservedly) beats me every time!


Miss Vickie is a looker!


Maybe we need other buttons as well as the “like” button, like “I agree”, “I mostly agree”, “informative”, “Interesting”, “correct”, “not sure if correct”, “thanks” or something.


Dislike button would be wonderful!
With some standard of dislike:like ratio what causes posts to be hidden.


While I have the suspicion that an internet without like buttons might be better for us all in the big picture and will be following that Instagram experiment with interest, so far the overwhelming majority wants to keep the like button. (Not that it’s masses who have voted so far ;))

Yeah, that’s understandable, of course. Especially if one has not just one but even two pets, maybe you need a selfie with grumpy pets to have a chance.

Even more buttons, I’m not sure, might take up even more time then to decide which button to use …

In one of the articles about the instagram experiment, I read that apparently many people click like buttons without even reading, looking at or watching whatever they then “like”. We are interesting beings.

Dislike button… Wait, wait, wait, I think I have a memory of the forum.having had that for a short while and it was gone again like really fast …

I haven’t “liked” a single post in this thread, which actually takes willpower.


But it could lead to more accuracy. eg. what if you only agreed with the first 3 paragraphs of a post but not the last. Liking the post might suggest you liked/agreed with the whole post.

Also what if someone posts something sad/bad news and the only option is a “like” button? Maybe a better button for that could be used too.

Yes, it could but that would be up against spending the time to figure out the degree to which you liked a post, and if it’s for the sake of accuracy, where do the options stop? What if you don’t agree mostly but just to 10%?

Would it make a post more or less correct if more or less people clicked “correct” or “not correct”?
Perhaps many people click “correct” but are mistaken, which could lead to a false certainty of correctness.

And do posters really need to know if people liked their post?
One of the reasons for the “like” criticism is that people start posting similar things they got likes for, not because they want to post this or that thing but because they want the likes again, people get addicted to likes, and anxious and miserable because of no likes …

Of course … without the like system, we’d most certainly have far less memes and funny cat videos and stuff … which may or may not be a good thing. :wink:

I can definitely see arguments pro and contra “the like concept”.

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Dislike buttons put me in a bad mood which I don’t need what with the other stresses. I come here to mostly de-stress.

I can definitely believe that. Sometimes I’ve liked the posts of forum friends without properly reading or understanding them. I’ve given these posts a skim, seen they’re semi coherent, and hit <3.

There is that social aspect of like buttons. You can often feel somewhat obligated to press them in order to support friends/allies/family members/business colleagues.

Replace the Like :heart: button with upvote/Downvote :arrow_up: :arrow_down:

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  • Thumbsdown :-1:
  • Not Sure :thinking:

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I know a forum.that has quite a few buttons apart from likes, among them one that displays as a smiley that expresses … hm, negative disbelief, the way it’s being used is usually so that the person whose post gets it, would feel like being looked at in a “are you serious” way … and not in a good “are you serious” way, I think most people who get that button would feel stressed, yes. No really nice atmosphere.

Yes, me too.

I could swear we had that for a while and it was taken back quickly because it led to undesired results, or someone generally thought better of it suddenly.


I think it would be coolio if we had reaction buttons like…


I don’t like the :heart: button, can we have a :broken_heart: or maybe a rotten :tomato:? :grin:

Another thing I want to gripe about is people taking back their likes. Ugh! What’s that about?
Like, as if! :expressionless: