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(Poll) How many orders did you get from the forum?

  • I never got orders from the forum
  • I DIDN’t advertise my gig but I got 1-10 orders from the forum
  • I DIDN’t advertise my gig but I got 10+ orders from the forum
  • I ADVERTISED my gig on the forum and didn’t get any orders
  • I ADVERTISED my gig on the forum and got 1-10 orders
  • I ADVERTISED my gig on the forum and got 10+ orders

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Ok, I was chatting in one of the topics with another new seller who was trying to convince me that buyers come to the forum to look for sellers and their gigs because they couldn’t find anything worthy in fiverr.

So I decided to create a poll to check Statistics on how many people really got orders from advertising their link on this forum.

I left 2 categories:

  1. for people who never posted/advertised their link in the forum but still got orders from the forum because their clients liked the insights and advises they were sharing on the forum.
  2. For people who posted the link to their gigs in “my fiverr gig” category and got orders coming from the forum.

While I’ve never gotten an order from the forum, I have bought from people on the forum that I probably never would have known had I not been on it. Never from anyone who advertised their services, though.


It’s not possible to know accurately. I’m sure I’ve gotten some and not known they saw me on the forum but I know of at least 3 or 4.


I posted once in MFG (in ancient times lol), Many forum fellows referred me, to their client. I lost the count, but for sure it’s 10+


Never got any orders from the forum but i enjoy the company here because people are very helpful here


I have posted thousands of times, written guides etc. on the forum. I have had MAYBE 3-4 orders from those, total being approx $50.
From posting on other forums, Q&A sites etc, I have had a good number of orders which would have been $100+ each. Fiverr Forum is not worth spending time on if you want orders.


So hopefully this poll will show all this new sellers how useless it is to post their gigs here.
Though I don’t keep my hopes high. I don’t keep my hopes for that happening at all.


how can i get orders from the forum

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Can you please tell me how many % of people voted for “I never got orders from the forum” in the poll above?


Though I didn’t get any orders, this forum helped me to stay focused and keep going.


In the current time 83% people voted “I never got orders from the forum”

So do you still think that forum is the right place to try to get orders if 83% of people never got orders from this forum?


I only bought once a gig from the forum.

@thatwordchick thank you :slight_smile:


Hi there,

this poll is nonsense.

You would need to ask Buyers to get relevant statistics.

I do not think it is nonsense in light of the intent, which is to show sellers that coming to the Fiverr Forum with the sole purpose of getting orders is mostly fruitless. Plus, many of us are buyers and sellers.


:slight_smile: My pleasure! I hope you’re doing great man! I made level 2 myself.


Congratulations :slight_smile:

Due to a strong flu (no - no covid), I was unfortunately unable to work for 2-3 weeks.

But next month I should be level 2 again.

Although it is easier not to worry about the levels.


Well, “Nonsense” is definitely irrelevant word here.

As you know not that many buyers are sitting every day on this forum. However it would’ve been statistically more correct to add section for buyers to vote. But even then it still would be incorrect because buyers that would vote are a small amount of buyers who spend time here because they have friends here and come to the forum to chat. They are the ones who would notice this topic and buyers who occasionally come here to look for something wouldn’t be able to vote “yes or no” because they are simply not present on the forum to spend enough time to notice this topic and vote. So your suggestion also would’ve make this poll irrelevant.

I took a target group of sellers divided in groups without mixing them with buyers. As they are the ones who will be voting in this topic.
Believe me or not but most sellers know when buyers came from the forum, most of them mentioning that they saw their gig on the forum or sellers know the names because they saw their buyers also commenting on the forum.

So it is nonsense to call it nonsense.


Thanks for reply.

I fully understand the intent but would you agree with me that information from poll comes mostly from Sellers who sometimes become Buyers.

The poll would be much more informative if it is focused on Buyers only and then yes, it would maybe show what you want show.

I hope all new sellers realize that you will not get orders here as we are sellers not buyers, all of us.

I’ve been on the forum every day for years and only know of 3 orders from here.