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Poll: How much was your earning this month? Let's motivate the new comers!

Lets motivate the new people who are joining our community as together we grow, apart we fall!

Your Revenue In Last 30 Days
  • $100+
  • $250+
  • $500+
  • $1000+
  • $2000+
  • $5000+

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If we are talking the past 30 days, I earned $2000+. For the first time in quite a while, I actually had to turn down customers and activate Out of Office mode as I had an influx of very large orders. Now, I have almost cleared my queue, but I am keeping Out of Office on until next year. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays (and I also have several non-Fiverr projects I have to finish before Christmas).


That’s really amazing and sounds motivating for me as well!
Happy Holidays! :grinning:


$5,000-plus, turned down 2/3 of jobs. November was unbelievably busy and I’ve been putting in 15-hour days this month. This has to stop soon as I need time to do my tax return, ugh.

EDITED to ask: what about those who earned under $100 and wish to vote? :slight_smile: Everyone has to start somewhere!


I hear you bro. Amount of business I had to turn down because I could see it was going to impact the quality of other work I do. Enjoy the holidays


Wow! That’s amazing! It’s motivating me even more to work hard! Best of luck for December! :grinning:

Ah, I completely missed Less Than $100 option, and now I am not able to edit the poll after 5 mins. :disappointed:


I made $4…


I selected 1000+ but I was like $50 shy of $2000 In November with 2 cancellations which would have put me around $2250. November was a pretty busy month. Things have slowed down this month. Usually my earnings are around $1500/mo, sometimes more, sometimes a little less.


I hope you earn more as others are doing! Stay online and share your gig! Best of luck mate!


That is really great! After all it’s almost $2000 and that’s something really great and a source of motivation for new people in our Fiverr community! Best of luck for December!

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Obviously some it depends on just the quality of work your do and what you have to offer in terms of experience, education, etc. but it also takes time to ramp up to larger earnings, in many ways because it just takes time for the search algorithms to start legitimizing your profile and ranking you higher up and more consistently. To give you an example. My first few months, I was lucky to make $20. I also had to charge pretty cheap prices. Now 2.5yrs later, I’m a level 2 (still waiting for that TRS promotion) and make around $1500 a months consistently and am about to raise my prices again since I’m just so busy most of the time. looking back, I’m shocked how far things have come. I remember always thinking that making any substantial amount of money on this platform or reaching TRS was next to impossible. Now I’ve earned the equivalent of a years salary from my day job from fiverr and am about to be promoted to a TRS (any day now fiverr lol). So just be patient things will slowly improve as long as you’re doing really good work.


I was just kidding. For the part-time work I put in, I make anywhere from $300-$500 a month. I turn down about 7 of the 10 inquiries I receive just to make sure I’m the right fit for the project. I’m a hip-hop lyric writer so I need to take a few things into consideration, like beat selection, lyrical content, and deadlines.

Level 2 seller, 308 reviews, 5 star warrior.


Hope one day i will write my answer for these types of question. pls pray for me . I am a new seller


Haha, that’s amazing! As a part time 300-500 is a good amount :smiley:

Best of luck for the future reviews :slight_smile:

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Hey, for sure you are! You’ll be successful as all of others here. Be consistent and do not lose hope and you’ll be successful for sure! :slight_smile:


I haven’t started earning with fiverr yet. But already did some projects for my local clients. 480$ till now.


Only $16 in November


$6k in December so far, but I am already gearing down so that I won’t be working during the holidays.

I am already working at capacity and I need to clear all current projects by this Sunday.


Stop parroting this nonsense. No one gets sales this way.

Perpetuating myths in the forum will not help you sell your gig. It doesn’t make you look knowledgeable or skilled.


No earning from last 2 months