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POLL: Just a few questions about your experiences with covid-19

All your answers will remain anonymous. Please answer all 5 polls on this page.

  • I always wear a mask out in public
  • I sometimes wear a mask out in public
  • I never wear a mask out in public

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  • I don’t know anyone who has had covid.
  • I know one person who has had covid
  • I know more than one person who has had covid
  • I have had covid (this is anonymous and your name/ID won’t show to anyone)

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  • I avoid being around everyone except family at all times.
  • I am around only family and friends but no one else.
  • I do go out everywhere and try to stay apart from others as much as possible.
  • I am around others as much as I want and as close as I want usually.

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  • Where I live people are told they must wear masks whenever they are out in public areas.
  • Where I live people are advised to wear masks but do not have to.
  • Where I live no one is told they have to wear a mask. (this does not include stores or businesses, some os which require masks.)

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  • I have been tested for covid.
  • I have not been tested for covid.

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My son has had covid … and one of his friend’s mother has died of it.

I live in Scotland - we are all following the guidance and as a result no one has died (of covid) in the last 7 days.


My friend tested +tive, now he is fine and back home. Unfortunately his dad now tested +tive, Hope he recovers soon.

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Don’t worry, he will recover. Just be safe.

In my community it is all SAFE.
The Head of community is very strict and he doesn’t allow anyone to come inside the town. One person was tested positive , she was recovered after a week. They don’t allow someone to go out of the community except for household items.

I am from India. Now its spreading exponentially. Partial lockdown still applied on some infected areas which declared as a containment zone. People from metropolitan citys are effected Mostly. People are going outside now with precautious . Deaths happens due to corona but govt declared Situations still under control. People are wearing masks and take precaution when the go outside.

Hope and pray that it will over soon.:pray:


I really pray that everyone gets rid of this situation. Pandemic taught us enough lessons!

Four things stand out:

Most people know at least one person who has had covid.

Most people have not been tested for covid.

No one who answered has had covid.

Most people wear a mask when out in public.

(It’s always possible someone has had covid without knowing it.)


Millions are roaming freely and they don’t even know they are infected.

Hope vaccines paases their 3rd stage and ready for Maas production before august.

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I hope that too, let’s pray that the vaccine will be soon launched so this world could get healed

I honestly just wear a mask everywhere just because I’m sick and tired of taking it on and off. I’ll just put it on for everyone to leave me alone. And to stop being tempted to touch my face.

Two former co-workers of mine have died from COVID. One was 33 and died in a week after starting to exhibit symptoms. Another one was 41 and died in around a month. We weren’t close and haven’t talked in years.

I believe there is a penalty of roughly $1500 for not wearing a mask in a “public place” where I live. People don’t seem to care, everyone just carries a mask in their pocket or under their jaw to quickly put it on if the police come.

My inner circle is pretty small and I don’t leave the house much.

Haven’t been tested for COVID and I’m not going to until there is a reason (me having symptoms or me having to travel somewhere).


Terrible to know not just one, but two people who died … so young, so quickly. Must have been a jolt,whether you were still in touch with them or not.

Our govt is contemplating shutting pubs againso that schools can open again.

There is much complaining about that …


I live in Italy. Here we must wear masks in indoor public areas - such as shops, supermarkets or when travelling by public transport. But in outdoor public places wearing masks is not compulsory anymore at the moment (it used to be obligatory during lockdown, but right now we are only advised to do so).
Personally I think it’s always a good idea to wear a mask whenever a 2-metre social distance can’t be maintained. Equally important is hand hygiene. I carry my hand sanitiser whenever I am out in public, and as soon as I’m back home I wash my hands with soap.

Unfortunately where I live there are lots of people who are gathering in large groups as if nothing had happened.


I’ve spent a few days scanning comments on the younger’s guy page trying to find someone mentioning an underlying health condition to somehow justify how it could happen so fast. But by the looks of it, it just went 0 to 100 overnight. They were from the same social circle so this is probably where they both got exposed.

I’ve been to a pub twice since March and it’s just no longer fun for me. The experience doesn’t feel safe, the room is half-empty and all the waiters with their red faces and bulging eyes above the masks look terrifying.


I’ve been reading all the horror stories of what happens to the survivors of covid sometimes when they get out of the hospital. The after effects, or sometimes it lingers on for months.

There are several vaccines that might be ready the beginning of next year.

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It’s viral load that makes the dfference, apparently - the higher the load (through crowding, parties, etc ), the worse the disease.

Problem is, these younger folks think they’re invincible …


Greetings from Tokyo.
Fortunately nobody I know in person has been infected.
I wear masks pretty much at all times, but due to the recent heat, when I walk to the station I use a quiet route with less people and I hold the mask in my hand. As I get closer to the station I will put it back on.

I see people walking on quiet/empty streets without masks, but in most cases I can
see them wearing it around their chin, hold it in their pockets, or in their hands.
I’m assuming they will put it back on once they reach a more crowded area.

I’d say 99.8% of everyone I see on the train are wearing masks.
We’re not forced, but since wearing masks in public was a very normal thing for us way before the covid, I guess we don’t have that much problems.

Having that said, the number of people getting infected is still increasing.
A lot of people are letting their guard down I suppose.


Once we’re on the subject, does anyone have mandatory temperature checks before entering public places and how accurate are those?

My temperature is consistently 35.0 - 35.2 Celcius according to those devices (while the “normal” temperature is 36.5 - 36.8) so it shouldn’t be humanly possible. I had 36.0 for a week after a blood loss and I had trouble sitting up. Definitely not in the mood for shopping, or movies, or bar-hopping.

It’s a new technology and it shows results in a matter of seconds so I’m not sure how accurate it is or if there is a certain process to it (add 1 degree to the result you get or something) but it’s always such a joke when they proudly announce that you’re basically a frost giant at this point so you can pass.

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Here we do nothing. Nada. I’ve heard of the temperature checks though. Since the fever usually comes at night and comes and goes I’m not sure how accurate that would be.
A consistently low temperature can be a symptom of low thyroid.

There are lots of people who never get any symptoms who have covid.

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Yep, everywhere you go Temperature checks + people have a trace app + you have to check in and check out through the government dedicated website with you ID (even if you are entering mall, grocery store or even if you just in to grab a cup of coffee) and of course we have to wear masks at all times.

My temperature once showed 34.4 with +35degrees heat outside but mostly it’s accurate.

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