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POLL: POLL: POLL - How long may be needed to reply to messages in "Available Now" feature

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes

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Kudos for starting the poll! :sunglasses: :cake:

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Thanks for your praise :wink:

I think 5 minutes is very reasonable. The idea of this feature is to cater to instant gratification for the buyers, and also help out newer sellers who don’t have their toe in the water yet. If you have 30 jobs in the queue, you don’t need the extra attention. It’s high customer service not to make people wait to hear back from you.

I run a local business, and I assure you no one wants to wait 10-15 minutes for an answer to their question. This feature will help Fiverr deliver better customer service, helps buyers weed through a sea of gigs, and helps sellers who are between gigs. There are days 5 gigs in my queue are too many, others where I could use more gigs — I have some gigs that take 3 weeks to fulfill, others it takes 5 minutes. I know there are times I’ll need this feature, and right now I’m too busy (with my local business & 3 Fiverr gigs active) to use it. I’m OK with less people beating my door down because I’ve had to turn away some business over the summer.


Thanks for this poll!!


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Suggest putting the word POLL at the start of the heading so people will know that it is actually a poll.


It also means that if by chance something unexpected holds you up in the washroom, phone call, or wherever - you get penalized, for lack of a better term. Online is substantially different than a physical local business - and reality is that many reputable businesses and companies put potential buyers on hold. Online work doesn’t = robot.

In my opinion 10 - 15 is reasonable. If the buyer doesn’t have enough patience to wait a few extra minutes, which might be well worth their while, they can direct their inquiries to another seller.


No reason you can’t turn it off if you’re going to the restroom or taking a shower. If you’re on the phone with a customer then you have a local business not just Fiverr.

You get 3 strikes then you lose the privilege for a month. I run a local business. I know that I may end up tied up in a phone call with a customer, etc. – well, a month penalty is what I’ll pay or after 2 strikes I’ll learn to remember to toggle it off. lol

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It’s great to see this poll, much appreciated! I think 10 minutes is more reasonable. Often times when I’m on available now, I’m also editing a project and I find it’s better to check back every 10 minutes to make sure I didn’t miss a question. One thing others may also want to watch out for if you have Fiverr open in 2 tabs and you close one tab out or turn off Available now, and you forget to close the other tab, I believe it keeps you on available now. I discovered this accidentally when I took myself OFF of Available now and still got a message after I had left the computer. I’m guessing it must have been opened in another window. Either that or there was a lag time from the moment I pushed OFF to the moment I got a message.


It depends on service you provide. I offer website creation and most of my clients send me messages like “Here’s my website address, can you tell me what you can do for me?”.

There’s no way I can reply anything meaningful in 5 minutes. It takes me 15-20 minutes to analyze a decent size website and most of my responses are 1500+ characters. I type about 300+ characters per minute and if you take a moment to think what you write then 5 minutes is not enough to even reply :stuck_out_tongue:

The best I can do is to thank them for reaching out and ask for time to analyze the site. If I had 15 minutes then I could send a fairly decent response already in my first reply.


I expect more valuable comments from your experience

Your comment is very real. Expect more experience

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For a Buyer it’s great. For a busy seller with multiple orders it really sucks.

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I’m awake all night usually answering messages immediately. If I can do it anyone can. Five minutes is reasonable.


I am always online. working on PC. But I don’t show myself available now. Fear of being penalized as I am very keen to any job which I do. I don’t move any other page too when I work.

I once got penalized because a repeat seller thanked me for an order and I thought that it won’t be considered in available now (as the seller did not find me through this feature) and thought to message her later as I was busy. Now I am really careful with it.


I didn’t get this feature yet :roll_eyes::persevere:

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Woah woah woah what is this feature?


15 minutes, anything lesser than that would be crazy.

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