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POLL POLL POLL Sellers: How often do you try to upsell?

We are encouraged to offer our buyers more extras after they make a purchase. How common is this. How often do you do it? Does is work well for you? Do you do it on every sale, or never do it? or something in between?

An upsell is offering a buyer something extra to purchase AFTER he has already placed an order, on that same order.

Leave your comments below. We want to know if you offer to your buyers some extras when they buy your gigs. This is an anonymous poll.

  • I offer an upsell extra with every order
  • I offer an upsell extra at least half the time with an order
  • I offer an upsell extra sometimes
  • I never try to upsell any of my buyers.

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I realized that most of my clients are fixated on the price they’ve already paid and are not interested in more than what they ordered.

However, there are times when a client:

  • tells me something along the lines of “if you think I need anything else besides this, please do tell me” and I immediately & successfully upsell

  • asks me questions about my Extras, so I start upselling and it’s a half-half chance of succeeding

I tried in the past to upsell without the client hinting that they’re willing to upgrade, but had the bad luck of some weird clients who misunderstood it, so I stopped doing that unless the client gives me a hint that they are willing to upgrade their order if I see fit :wink:


As long as fiverr encourages us to offer extras on orders I’m going to do it. I do it carefully and they can say no and that’s fine but I find most do accept my offers.

I do it very gently and politely.


Interesting :thinking: Years back I tried that and I had some “are you trying to rob me?”, “I haven’t asked for that, why do you ask me to pay more now??” and similar situations :confused:

And there was also one who said “if I was interested in buying those, I would have bought them. I wasn’t, so please don’t nag me”


I have NEVER had anyone express anger. Three out of four accept it the rest just refuse it.


Yup, the gig category definitely plays a role in this :wink: I have a lot of angry clients in the SEO category :frowning:


I wouldn’t let a few rude people stop me from offering extras in any category. It’s all in how you word it in my opinion although I do think we have really extra nice buyers in my category.


I do my upsell before they place an order. For example, if a buyer is interested in my gig and they start asking questions about it. I review their requirements and start offering additional services that would fit their business goals. If my extras add value to their business then usually they are OK increasing their investment.

I had a customer who wanted to add a simple contact form on their site for clients to book a consultation. I explained to them that for an additional $150 I can implement a booking form that would allow users instantly pick their consultation time, schedule it and pay for it.
It improved user experience, simplified doctor’s booking & payment process, so it was no-brainer to add it.

I should probably do more upselling after order delivery. This is something I haven’t explored much yet. I have considered offering maintenance work, but I’m not aggressive enough to push it.


@uxreview That’s a fantastic example of a great upsell!

It shows that if you really have something special to offer then offer it to your buyers as an upsell.

This is such an important part of selling on fiverr I’m surprised everyone doesn’t do it routinely. Some of you guys are missing out on this opportunity.

You can do it before they place the order or after. Just be nice about it and make sure they see it as an opportunity to get a much better experience.


Actually my clients ask me to upsell, which in my case means doing more articles for them or add more words.


That’s what I do most of the time, too, when potential buyers contact me via Inbox - feels like I have more control in upselling before they order rather than afterwards.

I voted based on the premise that upselling happens after the order was placed. My vote would’ve been different otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I don’t know what upsell means and have no idea if I do that or not…anyway, too busy too. See you guys later. (I know the dictionary meaning of upsell, just don’t know if I do it or not…even if I do, I don’t do it consciously.)


Upselling is really hard on Fiverr. Yesterday I had a buyer message me asking for a price for 6 articles and an about page. I quoted them $70 and to sweeten the deal, I said that if they ordered, I would throw in a free 30-second promo video.

The only problem? The guy comes back saying, “great but I don’t think I need 300 words per page, just 150 so I’ll place an order now for $35. Love the idea of the video!”

I then had to jump on this to say, err no. I am not giving you a free video on a $35 order and I will not be able to write 6 pages with 6 subsections each around a 150-word limit.

In short, almost every time I try to negotiate pricing, over deliver, or offer a great deal, I regret it. Now I just avoid the hassle.


He’s telling you what he wants to pay. I don’t roll that way. I set the prices and they either say yes or no. I would have sent him a custom offer he could either take or leave.

I would have just said “I’m not offering that.”

So out of 10 people there are so far only two of us who offer upsells at least half the time?

No wonder fiverr is desperate to find a way to increase prices.

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If I had more protection as a seller when dealing with troublesome buyers and undesired situations occurring due to buyer misunderstandings or their principles, I’d upsell more after an order had been placed, too :wink:

Until then, I don’t need the extra hassle of bad feedback or cancellations due to many buyers in my category not understanding what I tried to do (which is offering more helpful services/addons based on the clients’ needs, not robbing them, ripping them off or trying to annoy/spam them)

[edit: …and the extra hassle of whatever bad private feedback the buyer may leave because of me upselling - as I said, not enough protection on the selling side… so my opinion is that if Fiverr wants more money, they should also think of ways to protect its sellers more]

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I think that you are looking at this the wrong way. If I was in my old job talking a booking, I would upsell everything from breakfast to local tours and hiking equipment rental. That is because a customer might not know what other services I offered and upselling was actually easy.

On Fiverr, if someone comes along looking for a 300-word article, it’s already detailed in my packages that if they want this search engine optimized, they need to pay $5 more. In fact, I am getting a bit sick of this idea that we are all bad sellers for not trying to make Fiverr more money. Until recently I made consistently more on Fiverr each month since joining. In fact, the only times my income has suffered a huge decline are now and in the past when I implemented all recommend Fiverr Success manager recommendations on my gigs.


Me too. Every month for four and a half years my income has steadily increased except it started going down in May.

You assume they read everything including the extras. I doubt if they do.

Is fiverr really going to be upset with us if buyers say “he tried to sell me more extras after I ordered!!!”

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Obviously not. But what if the buyers say in that private feedback to Fiverr “the seller spammed me with offers I didn’t ask for, probably tried ripping me off” ?

I think that should be enough to make Fiverr see you, the seller, as a potential bad guy.


That’s out of my control and I’m not going to operate under that kind of fear. They can say anything and it’s not something I can worry about. Offering extras isnt spamming.

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