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POLL - Poor Quality Gig Audio & Video!

  • Fiverr stop compressing audio/video gig samples.
  • Fiverr compression is not something that bothers me or notice.

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Hi Fiverr’s (This Poll is 100% anonymous )

Poor Audio / Video quality in any streamed gig portfolio or examples…
This POLL not just directed at voice overs and sellers that produce audio.
As this seems to effect anyone creating a gig, delivering , and portfolio samples.
This is a recent phenomenon that sellers noticed around June /July of this year.
If you have uploaded an audio sample or video recently you may have noticed a drastic drop
in the quality of the video, audio especially. At my estimation no matter what you upload the audio is compressed to about the equivalent of a bad MP3 file. That is unacceptable if you are a voice over artist.

If a perspective client first impression of your expected delivery quality is extremely diminished. This reflects very badly as a first impression. Most new clients listen to your gig Audio/Video, delivery, portfolio samples on their smartphone and Pc’s by streaming them. Only the final downloaded delivery is uncompressed. Spending $'s and time trying to produce a high quality content to attract clients - this is very unacceptable.
Gigs older than 6 months are probably unaffected.
Clients ARE assuming that is the final expected quality, resulting in notation now to clients delivery to download the audio files first before reviewing it.

See below of a before and after file compression description (essentially audio/video bitrate is halved) Based on a 70sec full HD 50mb file. Attached also is a sound cloud clip with both versions before and after uploading file… @ 1:02 is where the Fiverr stream version starts.



It appears no matter what video example you upload to Fiverr this is the best you can expect.
Also audio and deliveries, portfolio audio is also now pushed down to 22ktz audio sample rate. As and example 44ktz is DVD quality . So 22ktz is no better than …well listen below…

Music Example

This nearest comparison of how it used to be -and now!
16ktz @ 0:20
48ktz @ 0:47
Song is -Third Eye Blind - How is it going to be

They also resize videos for viewing. Does this include things like that? eg. if you upload a gig info video >1280x720 it will resize it to that (eg. downscale 1080p to 720p) and if you attach a 5760x1080 video in a message it will resize it to 1280x240 for playback. Or does this only take into account further compression of video/audio and ignore reducing resolution?


It looks to me like they are using some kind of unified compression no matter what size or length.
Me personally, I can create a FULL 1080 6000b 320k 75 second 50mb file using imedia & Hitfilm . With virtually no loss in audio or video. Once it 's uploaded, there is considerable loss.
My old gigs from a year ago sound great.


And it will be no more than 720p once uploaded if it’s a gig info video. Obviously if it’s a delivery the attachment that they can download won’t be affected, just the preview of it.

edit: Also, maybe the poll should only allow 1 option to be selected.

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I have a combination of 720 and 1080 in the full 1080 upload and the 720 defiantly looks down-scaled and pixely during fast motion. My beef is the Audio

You mean you have a gig info video displaying on Fiverr and Fiverr displays it at 1080p?
If so, which one?

What I mean is gig info videos/Fiverr’s previews (that it shows in a preview window) never seem to be more than 720p. If though the attachments they can download aren’t affected.

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Not knowing what they do to it on their cloud, i’m just comparing it with the raw footage and what Fiverr streaming looks like. Also it has to mentioned that uploading the same file to TY their compression is not even noticeable.
The audio is terrible , sibilant,s mid range, bass, tonality is all very poor when streaming.
I have remind clients to download the delivery before reviewing it its that bad.

Since you own the video, on Chrome you could right click on the video shown in your gig or the delivery previews and save it. You could then look at the properties of the video and the properties of the audio in it (eg. MediaInfo) and compare that with the properties (video & audio) of the original and if necessary put the audio in it through something that will analyse it (eg. frequencies).

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I don’t think many ‘Fiverr’ buyers notice.

It’s not an across the board thing - files that were loaded up ages ago are fine - it’s newer files that are compressed.

The other thing to think about it the cost of hosting higher quality audio - I don’t want them to take a greater commission to cover the cost, personally.

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I agree my older gigs are unaffected. YT is free and yet virtually uncompressed.
Like another member suggested, “why cant we just embed video” if this if an issue?

Maybe it’s like was mentioned in another thread, they don’t want people impersonating other people, eg. people embedding other people’s youtube videos, claiming it’s there’s and they want to limit offsite contact. Also not everyone will have a youtube account for it.

I wonder if the further compression of audio happened soon after they increased the resolution of the video to 720p.

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My chrome won’t let my rip/download the video only inspect it

I’ve not installed any extensions on Chrome and right clicking once a Fiverr video has started gives an option for that in the menu that comes up after right clicking. eg. Press play on the Fiverr video then right click on the video and look at all the menu options.



Wow. before and after, not to mention it may be further compressed through the player to save bandwidth. Audio is essentially halved.


What do you mean by this “uk1000” you have to have 2 options in the poll?

It said it was a multiple choice poll and I could have selected both the options in it.

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Got a reply from the CS team regarding this. Second time I’m in contact with them.

They said:

Hi Leo,

I hope this email finds you well.

Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to let us know about this. At the moment there’s nothing I can do for you to improve the quality of the audio samples on your Live Portfolio, but I will definitely forward your comments to our Product Developers so they can take action on this.

If we just create enough attention to this problem maybe they’ll do something about it.


Think I fixed it sorry, lets do this again!

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So anyone who has earlier samples on their gigs won’t be affected in essence giving them an advantage.
In some cases the difference is extremely dramatic such as Steve’s cinematic sample.

Are you allowed to have a soundcloud link in your gig description or post the url to that?

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I have never had anyone comment on the quality of my samples, and if anyone’s been turned away by the quality - I haven’t noticed, the sales are still coming in.

However, it does irritate me that the quality of my work isn’t truly shown on my gig page. I think my buyers should know that they’re getting a crisp, clear voice-over, not the slightly degraded samples on my page.

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