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POLL - Poor Quality Gig Audio & Video!

I believe so and YT as long as it does not have any website links ect

Here is a non-public sound cloud clip with both versions so you can skip back and forth.
Fiverr’s stream quality starts @ 1:02

Here is my opinion. Let Fiverr compress, either the server will be running too slow, the website load speed is gonna be slow. Instead, let’s compress it, but a little. If I had Fiverr in my hands, what I would do is…

• Keep audio the same.
• Resize to 1080p
• Compress the quality with 18.5 to 15 RF
• Framerate: 45 FPS - 60 FPS

Do you agree?

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Partially “insects44” but 60F PS makes the overall file to large to compress to 50mb without natural loss
I tried various compression’s in imedia 6000 @ 48k 30fps was the best. Not to mention all the audio post processing to make it not sound terrible after upload. The original was a lot worse. It was 720 with the first upload and was pushed down also. This was the highest I could possibly go without compromising one or the other.

Surely it depends on the complexity of the motion, the video codec, the duration etc. Fiverr could also increase the allowed file size above 50 MB.

If you take YouTube’s minimum recommended bitrates for frame rate ranges, and I assume they are talking about H264, the YouTube recommended bitrate for 1080p (SDR) at 48-60 fps is 12 Mbps. So for that bitrate (12 Mbps) you could create a 33.33 second H264 video at 1080p at 60 fps and that would be about 50 MB.

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imedia has a drop down for H264 and MP4 . I tried both.
Look how drastically it was pushed down in the file property windows.

They are compressing what ever you upload , so I’m guessing there is no magic conversion. If I had time I would try more various upload ratios, then check the properties.

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What’s interesting is in a few days time Gemini Man is out (shot and shown in some cinemas in 120 fps 3D, 4K). And I don’t think Fiverr supports any more than 30 fps 720p in their previews. Even YouTube supports 4K, 8K and up to 60 fps.

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Here’s my gig from a year ago. low frame rate but audio was still at 44k


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Wow, interesting thread. Perhaps a standard disclaimer from Fiverr to notify clients that downloaded, delivered audio is full quality, and posted samples are a “down grade” for efficiency? Not sure what the solution is…in fact, never even considerd it. But, now that you mention it…it would be nice to have those full quality files… Best regards,



I know I, along with some other talent here on Fiverr, have started to include a disclaimer on the delivery to download the file before listening, due to the compression. It’s that bad. This shouldn’t be necessary.


I’ve been in touch with the CS team, as I said earlier.

Here’s their latest reply. I supplied them with samples from me and other VOs and technical samples from this thread:

"Thank you very much, we will take care of it. I’ve already reported it to the relevant team.


Let’s hope the technical dept. looks into this!


I have a good feeling about this. I think they will change this back.

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Would love to know if the fix it, or give an exception.

For what it’s worth - my interaction with Fiverr CS has been nothing but great. I hope they can “twist the dials” to make this right. The additional disk space should be negligible. I mean, how much data do you REALLY have on fiverr…

I’ve been reporting about this problem to CS on a bi-weekly process since June. Over the past few months I’ve watched my sales drop dramatically and I’ve gone to being always listed as the first 10 VO’s on the first page, all the way down to page 5-10. So far they have offered nothing and continue to tell me they are “looking into it”. I hope the fix is in sight, this issue has been infuriating.

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Same thing has happened to me, but not based on the audio quality. Just no reason at all.

The only thing wrong with this poll is that unless you point it out that it is happening most won’t notice it. Now that I know about it I can see it is a problem.
If I’m unaware of it I won’t know about it.
So it may be a good idea to mention it in your gigs or your questions section.

A question such as this in your questions section might help your buyers:

Can I hear how it will actually sound uncompressed?
Yes, since fiverr compresses our voiceover samples, hear the actual sound of my voice on Youtube: (URL of your youtube sample)

By your logic it is acceptable that Fiverr diminishes the work of it’s talent, as long as “ most won’t notice it ”?

It shouldn’t be necessary to point buyers to outside platforms in order to show them the quality we offer on Fiverr .

This might not be an issue for sellers offering other stuff, like graphics, or in your case, spellcasting ( well, except if you have a gig video, that is ), but your buyers wouldn’t care much about the audio or video quality anyway. On the other hand, when a buyer is looking for great quality voice-overs, and finds none , because they are all compressed down to sounding like an old tape recording, that is a problem .

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No I definitely do not think it’s acceptable and that’s not what I said.

Sorry I offended you. I think you misunderstood or took what I said in a way I didn’t intend it. I was trying to be helpful. All I meant was that the average person will not realize it’s been compressed and actually has had the sound degraded unless you let them know that. I hope this explains it better so you see what I meant.

I know it’s a problem. I was trying to figure out some kind of solution. I agree 100% that it shouldn’t be happening.

What I meant was that the average listener to the compressed samples will not think it sounds horrible and they will not realize it’s been compressed. I didn’t say it was acceptable to have it compressed. I can’t explain it any more but they need to hear how it sounds uncompressed, since it sounds so much better. And to that end I tried to find a solution until fiverr stops compressing them.