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POLL - Poor Quality Gig Audio & Video!

I don’t think I could have be any more succinct in this this thread about the problem. If anything its probably over-technical. Its not my intention to bring the horse to the water. Only as an explanation for those who are already aware. I knew something was wrong when I created my new gig that the audio was terrible, but only dug deeper after I saw other sellers were complaining about it on the forum. Hope that makes sense #misscrystal

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It’s a huge difference in quality when you compare the two, to a shocking degree.

I’m glad to see this being discussed. I remember back when I could upload a good quality video. But I was very disappointed to see how much compression my gig videos go through when creating new gigs.

Funny how they tell you to upload a good quality video to showcase your talent, but then the video is turned to mush upon upload. I had to save my gig videos in low quality just to meet the size requirement. As someone whose gigs are literally creating videos, this is both disappointing and frustrating, as the gig video and portfolio do not reflect the true high quality videos I can create.


So I did an experiment today. It appears that if you upload a video you can still watch and listen to the video via the app while it’s getting approved. I tried low and high compressions. And every time it knocked the audio down to 22khz


SO There it is, no matter what you up load this is the best you can expect with ANY audio video upload- not good! This was established by looking at other sellers who have added gigs recently.

Thank you for posting this annai80

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So it affects more categories than just voiceovers.
Video producers
Sound engineers
Anyone with a gig video

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Confirmed today also that all audio stand alone samples are reduced to 22ktz no mater what you record them at.
This is considered poor audio quality. 44ktz is DVD quality as an example
Why they are doing this is beyond reason.

UPDATE -All new audio uploaded to gig will suck !!-

So after checking several categories and “New Arrivals” ALL Audio and Video is indeed compressed to 22khz audio sample rate . In between the masses of orders I have of course, I found this ;-). Here is a great example of how poor the audio sample rate now is. This nearest comparison to what it used to be at.
16ktz @ 0:20 (Now)
48ktz @ 0:47 (Before June-ish 2019)

Song is -Third Eye Blind - How is it going to be

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That is really terrible and it will cause a problem for the entire category and sales.

I had a client who asked me if I can deliver a file that isn’t as heavily processed because it sounded robotic.

I don’t compress my files so I asked him if he downloaded the file or if he listened in through the playback window within the delivery.

Of course it was the playback window on the site. He confirmed that the quality of the downloaded file was much better.

Seems like I will have to ask clients to download the file directly in order to check the work from now on.

Seriously how is this OK? 20% off every order and we get such a road block?

:rage:. Pfffft rant over!


Thanks for clearing that up, and for your input :slight_smile:

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It’s a problem they obviously are not interested in right now.
I’ve lost count of the times of heard that… And probably done lots of unnecessary revisions because of this. A sample rate of 22k sucks the dynamics right out of a recording.
I’m embarrassed that I have to mention this. And inconvenience the client who may be checking his recording on his smartphone but not able to download it until later… so they walk around all day thinking what a Lo-Fi recording that was. :robot: :poop:

Is commenting on your post just to keep it alive ,ok? :thinking:


Granted, I haven’t yet tested it — but it came from watching this video about maximum loudness on Spotify. (“How Loud Should You Master Your Music?”)

In it, he explains that the site itself sets a maximum loudness limit of -1 or -2 db,and anything louder than that is “crunched down”, making it sound like crap. If you are like me, for advertising purposes on the internet, I tend to punch my audio up to -0.1db, to get the loudest possible effect - in case someone is using a laptop or tablet with crappy built-in speakers.

Well, it turns out, that may be harming your audio upon upload to a site with a built-in limiter of -1 or -2 db. Again, I haven’t yet tested this theory, but it is possible that this is the cause of the horrible compressed sound. Something to consider !!!

Let me know if you tested this theory in the comments.

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This sounds like a reasonable solution,
However my -1db file from 1 year ago on my gig is good.
The bit rate sucks currently, I’ve kind of given up on it :frowning:

Not true.

I had such a hard time looking for the “right” mix and mastering engineer only to realize that i cannot tell how their work sounds because of the poor audio quality Fiverr plays back in previews.

You could always message them to ask for a WAV sample.

This is still a serious problem. And so easy to fix, but will we ever see a fix for it?

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