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Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'

  • We need a Report-Button for BR to report spamming sellers.
  • We need a Report-Button for BR to report illegal/against TOS/shady buyer requests.
  • We need a Report-Button for BR to report both of the above.

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I like this idea, they should also make it were if the BR is reported more that any certain amount then it automatically gets removed from everyone’s BR.


@justinkay, bad idea.
For e.g. what if a seller makes multiple accounts and then after submitting a offer to a request report it from those accounts? It will simply make every other seller unable to attend that request. :smiling_imp:


:grin: (this smiley is a smiley and this bracket is there to fill up to the minimum required 20 characters)


automated system may be harmful. There should be moderators to go through flagged requests and act accordingly. :slight_smile:


@shubh2012 this doesn’t sound quite practical. Considering the mass amount of BR made on fiverr each day, it would take nearly 50-200 dedicated fiverr staffs for this task.


Yes, you are right but fiverr has so many TRS and TRSs are TRS because they are dedicated and trusted by Fiverr Staff and at least they can filter out such requests from their respective fields. :slight_smile:
It’s just an idea. There can be many pros and cons to every idea. :slight_smile:


Uhh… Most TRS(s) don’t use Buyer Requests.


In that case, do you have any suggestion ? :slight_smile:

I believe this has been covered in the forum in the past and I’ve always supported it! The ‘Buyers Request’ section needs a simple ‘flag’ or ‘report’ button below each and with enough flags it should be removed momentarily for review by Fiverr’s Team.

I see too many people (Sellers) offering their services or or misusing the platform to promote things that are in violation of Fiverr’s TOS and/or Third-Parties.


I support this cause :100:% BR :poop:pool needs a serious cleanup!
We really, really need a :triangular_flag_on_post: and report button or something.
Many of us just don’t have time to take screenshots and report the violators.


It could be semi-automated, like machine learning, and get better all the time at determining what bad buyer requests are (or different categories of bad buyer requests).

For sellers (potentially) creating multiple accounts, against the terms of service, to try to stop others from making offers on the same buyer requests by each of them flagging the same buyer requests the user wanted to do - I don’t think it would be workable really. Fiverr are already introducing things like phone verification to eliminate bad/multiple accounts. They can tell by the payment info of the account to see if they all share the same payment info. They can also tell by the site cookies and the user’s ip address(es). So the system should be able to detect this and stop it (ie. inform Fiverr who can then suspend the accounts etc. after verifying).


Fiverr REALLY needs to address this. Seriously such a PIA.


Small update: Thanks to everyone who voted and commented in the meantime!

As we had over 50 voters now, as promised, I just sent a ticket to Customer Support, on Bad User Behaviour, and linked this thread and mentioned that there are so many threads by both frustrated sellers and buyers and such, so here´s to hoping that this topic will be addressed soon (and the situation will improve). :slight_smile:


Good idea and must be applied…i highly recommend this.


Would love to see this its so fustrating. I am sure I would still use buyers requests if I was a top rated seller. I love being busy !


We should have ordered one of those promotion gigs (500 clicks & comments for $5) :smiley:


This is a great idea. I’ve seen so many sellers abuse the buyer request feature for self promotion. There should be some way to report abuses and ensure they’re dealt with promptly. It distracts from buyers with real requests.


I’m so sick of seeing sellers flood the buyer requests section LOL


Hi there, some answers?
I am still highly frustrated by those things, so was curious)