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Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'

Hi there, no, nothing concrete up to now. I guess they were/are more than busy with that Search Algorithm and sellers sending tickets in for that, too. I´ll send a follow up ticket when the poll reaches 100 votes. <.<
It´s really annoying, especially when at the same time while sellers post ads, some buyers can´t get their real requests approved. :confused:


Also I think that ppl should explain what they REALLY need,“I need 3d model” is not explanation !

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My buyer requests page is ALL sellers. Not a single actual project.

I do proofreading and editing. The funny thing is, all of these spam adverts are riddled with spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Hilarious. :rage:


The exact same thing applies for my BR section.

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Same here! Ugh.
Well, maybe some sellers look at the Buyer Requests page and think it’s okay. (I was one, good thing my advertisement didn’t pass) Thus, I think Fiverr should put a warning at the top of the Post a Request section warning sellers not to use BR for advertising.


105 and counting - maybe it’s time :wink:


Thank you, yes, I´ll go find the ticket I´d sent on this among them all and write a follow up. :slight_smile:

And done.


@miiila - no response from Fiverr? Can they give us a number to hit :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing concrete, they are aware and passed it on and such. If I hadn´t had to send 2 unrelated tickets already, I´d ask if the relabeling to hide it from certain people is the plan :wink:

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Response from CS regarding this thread.

Hi Zeeshan,

Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know about the community pool on forum. Your comments have been noted with our Product Developers.

To answer your question, our moderators are monitoring the buyer’s request and removing the sellers who advertise themselves there.

However, we heavily rely on direct report. If you noticed that some seller is offering their service, please send us username of the seller and screenshot of buyer’s request where you noticed the,

We are here if you need anything else.

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Very funny. You can’t even find a poster’s name except you are sending your requests from mobile or after you have sent an offer (would you waste your offers on a spam request?). Their response says nothing of the inclusion of a report button for “direct reports” - the very purpose of the thread. Oh, well…


it’s so disgusting when I saw seller services on buyer request :slight_smile: Hope fiverr update this report button soon

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Are mods really watching? Don’t think so as some seller ‘offers’ are lasting during days and there are more and more . It’s so unpleasant when you do things right and others don’t play fair.

Its so disgusting. I havent been able to get orders because of this annoying spamming from the sellers. The crazy part is that most of them can’t even construct good sentences and spell correctly.Jeez


**Where is the option to vote on We don’t need any report button?

If you are going to make polls then have all options available to people to vote on,
not just options you agree with.

A report button will bog down lots of people from being able to post legitimate requests when it gets abused, not to mention the man hours for some poor fiverr employee to sit there looking at all the things that get reported.

I vote no to any report button. Everyone has to do their own reading to see if it is a real request. It’s not that hard.


Ah, well, sorry, I’d change the poll for you to adapt it to your wishes, but I guess you know polls aren´t editable after someone voted on them already for obvious reasons.
If you’re not for a report button, you are free to not vote, though and, like you did, to comment on the thread, of course, or/and to make your own poll.

My apologies for the oversight.

Everyone has to do their own reading to see if it is a real request. It’s not that hard.

It could be a real request (someone really asking for work to be done) but it could still need to be reported because what the buyer might be asking to be done could break copyright law to actually do the work or otherwise be illegal to do (like people asking for viruses to be created to disrupt people’s computers etc.).


People on fiverr need to be aware of these things such as when something will break the law. We aren’t babies who need constant supervision hopefully.

For me it’s not so much about distinguishing spam from real requests, it’s more about the time I spend filtering through it. Today I opened up Send Quotes section and it had 56 new requests, out of which 1/3 was spam. I’m not going to bid on those, but I still need to read them. I’m getting pretty good at it so usually I can tell from the first 3-4 words if it’s spam or not, but it still adds up.

Regarding abuse, several platforms have a pretty decent system in place that works just fine. It’s not rocket science and if it’s done right it will actually reduce CS workload. Even if they do need to hire additional staff for it then so be it. Buyer requests section brings in money as well.

I get that Fiverr’s biggest advantage is that you post a gig and buyers come to you, but unless you’re at top of the search results you’ll have to find your own buyers. I find most of my clients from buyer requests because I like to pick my own clients based on their request. So if I can help Fiverr reduce some of that spam by clicking on a report button then I’m all for it.


Bad idea :frowning: Then all Sellers report true Byers if they heat any buyers.