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POLL (Seller Dashboard Orders Cannot be Opened in NEW TABS)

Fiverr has recently updated the layout and design of the Seller Dashboard and there is one problem that affects the workflow if you are trying to open the orders (considering you have multiple orders queued in dashboard) in new tabs, it won’t allow you to do and there is no way to do so without having to click on one of the orders and then reopening the dashboard to see the other orders queued (so you have to reopen the dashboard every time you want to see an order) - Have already talked about the issue in this thread:

So I want to see now how many users are affected by this so please take part in the poll below so the CS can see that the previous design was better and the current one should be reverted

  • I am facing this problem and it should be fixed
  • The new layout is fine, and it doesn’t affect my wotkflow
  • I don’t even see the issue you are talking about

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