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Poll: Should sellers be able to accept and reject gigs before the delivery clock starts? Fiverr staff please take note!

Buyers and Sellers – Do you think that sellers should have the ability to reject or accept an order before the delivery clock starts?


  • YES - I am a SELLER and sellers should have the ability to accept or reject orders before the delivery clock starts.
  • NO - I am a SELLER and we do not need the ability to accept or reject orders.

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  • YES - I am a BUYER and I think sellers should have the ability to accept or reject an order before the clock starts.
  • NO - I am a BUYER and sellers don’t need the ability to accept or reject orders before the clock starts

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Thank you!


I think having the ability to auto accept from certain buyers would be a good addition to this option, if it ever happens.


Ok, I agree with you, I know why you created this topic. Just, please, don’t do all caps.

Not all of it is in caps. :wink:

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Buyers like to have their orders start immediately. Who wants to wait to see if a seller is going to accept an order? I don’t.


That is a very good point. Perhaps sellers could choose to toggle an auto accept feature and buyers will get a notification that the seller has the ability to reject the order within “x” amount of minutes, hours, etc. I feel an option to reject certain orders would empower sellers and help us feel more in control of our own process. This probably won’t happen on Fiverr as it does on other platforms though as Fiverr seems to work mainly on instant gratification and is already very different from most platforms that are available.


As a buyer, it’s in your interest.

Let’s say you want a web page designed. You order it. The seller delivers a wonderful site, but there’s one problem. There’s no custom video, because the seller is a web designer, not a videographer.

So you file a modification request. The seller asks why you didn’t tell him you needed a video before you ordered, and you say you would have but you need it right away.

The seller can’t modify the project because its not in his skill set. Cancel the order now, after the seller worked hard and delivered a wonderful project? That’s not fair to the seller, because he won’t get paid for his hard work.

It’s not fair to you, either, because you’ll either get stuck in modification hell, or you’ll end up paying for a project you can’t use.

And mentioning the need for a custom video in the requirements section when you order (you do fill out the requirements in detail, right?) doesn’t help either, because once you complete the requirements the order goes through, regardless of whatever you put in it.

It happens all the time. Voiceover artists are asked to compose music, musicians to create music videos, and virtual assistants get orders to file legal briefs. Nobody is happy when this happens.

Many, if not most sellers respond to orders within an hour. That’s not a long time to wait for a gig to start.

As I said, it’s in the buyer’s interest too.


The desire for this feature has been around for a number of years. I wonder how many voices it will take to convince Fiverr that this is a good thing to have? It surely would have saved me a lot of headache orders in the past.


This is a site that sells. Like Amazon. The whole point of this site is to get what you need fast.

Imagine how annoyed people will be to place an order and not have it start. Instead you get a notice that the seller will decide if they want your order or not.

That’s not good for business. Speed is everything when selling online. Instant gratification is what makes this whole site work.

You guys have no understanding of this basic principle of online selling. I’m really shocked.

I hope everyone who wants that gets it and we can have a way to turn it on and off. That will eliminate a lot of competition. Let the rest of us enjoy getting orders which start immediately.

I understand why you want that but it’s up to each seller to find a way to work with this system as it is.

A better idea would be to give sellers the ability to cancel one order per month without any penalty.


This accept-reject order will NEVER happen because…

Seller receives order - cancels it - buyer is like “WTF?? Okay where is my refund” - They get their refund MINUS Fiver fee - buyer becomes enraged because they not only got their order canceled - they also lose the Fiverr fee - if this scenario is AFTER OCT.11th - then the buyer ALSO loses the paypal transaction fee as Paypal will not be refunding their fee - Buyer then sees that they lost money twice and didn’t even get their order accepted - Buyer gets depressed and needs a drink.


I am curious about the idea of instant gratification and the buyer immediately getting what they want. Personal experience says that the seller is likely going to communicate with the buyer first before starting the work. So there is a time period where the work is not exactly being done, until the seller communicates. That same period should be the period that the seller should accept/reject a buyer’s request, the idea being that is the seller is trying to provide the best possible service and quality. That plays into the image of the whole site; Fiverr is providing a service and regardless of the thousands of amateurs, they depend on the quality of the gigs on their sites to sell and to KEEP the customers, it doesn’t benefit them to get a 1 time purchase and then that individual leaving because they had a terrible experience. The feature will also allow a better distribution of work among sellers. I honestly believe it should a short time frame situation because that will mean Fiverr are receiving their money within a reasonable time, the seller gets the choice of what to do in the first 1 hour of the request and the buyer has an unlimited amount of options on Fiverr so if one seller can’t accept, there are thousands of other.

I do see the other perspective though; a person making a purchase might change their mind if let’s say they get a rejection and that potential income wouldn’t be made. The better option would be to reduce the impact that reviews have on the seller’s livelihood.

Why do you think Amazon gets people’s orders out to them in two days? Has the idea that people want things immediately if not sooner not occurred to you?

The more time I spend answering questions from someone, the less likely they are to place an order.

This is not for OUR convenience. It is to give what the buyer wants and they want it fast.

They lose interest and move on if you delay them.

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I dunno. Is Fiverr likely to add something that says to buyers “your order has been rejected by the seller”. Nope. Don’t think so.

What I would like to see is an “offer expires” toggle on offers to buyer requests. Now that would be useful!


They could probably reword the messages. eg. “the order cannot be started currently as you have not provided x which is needed for the order” (ie. even if they’ve filled in the requirements box, required things might not have been attached at the time of ordering) or “… as you have not entered valid requirements” or “Unfortunately the seller is currently unable to start this order due to [reason]”. Or maybe show a message from the seller. Maybe have an option that allows for orders to require discussion before ordering. Maybe it could be useful for when they specify different requirements than allowed for in the package/gig they purchase.

People have very short attention spans.
By the time you get back to someone and grant the favor of accepting their order they are likely to have changed their minds and are no longer interested in hiring you. Such a very bad idea.


Talk about bad PR. This would be a :train2: trainwreck.

I agree with the others this method would never work. It would be a complete TURN-OFF to Buyers. As a Buyer & Seller on this platform. The idea of spending my money, to just sit back and wait for the Seller to accept it or reject it? LOLz :smile: ah, NO! Time :watch: is a terrible thing to waste!

I’d take my business elsewhere in a heartbeat.

As a Seller, my goal is to make :money_with_wings: money, not turn money away. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. :gem:

But, hey that’s just me!


This topic has been discussed many times here on the forums. To be honest, it will ever happen. It is completely impractical, unrealistic, and makes the entire transaction process longer and less efficient. Fiverr exists as a shopping portal for buyers to find the freelance services they need. If they find something, they place an order expecting service.

You don’t go into a grocery store, choose to make a purchase, and then wait a few hours for the owner of the grocery store to decide whether he wants to sell you your apples or bananas. No, you choose your apples or bananas, take them to the cashier, and in minutes, those become YOUR apples and bananas. That is how Fiverr is designed to work as well (with the completion time for any service clearly noted on each service page).

Fiverr wants to be an efficient services marketplace, not a democratic – “must have a vote before purchase” political choice parliament.


No. This is not what Fiverr is made for. They advertise that things can be order at the click of a button. Therefore, this is nowhere in the picture. If you want a feature that doesn’t fit one of the unique parts of Fiverr’s platform, go somewhere else.

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Buyers don’t lose the Fiverr fee.


Oh ok I stand corrected. I was told that Fiverr keeps their fee when an order is canceled. So it will just be the Paypal fee that is kept.