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POLL! Tell us how you feel about people announcing on the forum when they move up a level!

  • I like to see people announce it on the forum when they move up a level
  • I don’t like to see people announce it on the forum when they move up a level
  • I don’t have an opinion either way

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I hope the forum redesign addresses this. I don’t mind them doing it, but I don’t like seeing it.


So as long as it’s not visible it’s fine. I’m with you on that. Let’s see how others feel.


I think it’s fine but that it would be better if there was a separate section or thread for it, like:

:balloon: Celebrate your first oder/tip/level/… here!” :balloon:


People are moving up and down all the time. It’s a bit boring to have to see people announcing it just like it was boring when people announced they made a sale, That has mercifully mostly died out.

Things that are just a normal routine that everyone experiences on the site don’t seem like a cause for celebration except maybe have a beer or a nice meal if you feel like celebrating but don’t make us all see that you did something everyone else does too like it’s a special event.

Give us all a break.


Well, I did vote “I like it” because, generally, I do. It shows that people do level up, they are enthusiastic, especially if it’s a big thing to them, and they want to express that.

Of course, it’s somewhat boring for people who visit the forum often and since long, so I think the solution of a dedicated thread/category would benefit everyone.


Not on the main page. Or at least not mixed with everything else. If it were something like this it wouldn’t be so bad:


I don’t mind them, as I know some people are excited about their successes, and it’s easy to forget that we all were new at some point. We operate as a couple, so we get to share our success with each other, but I can understand why some people working solo, and perhaps without anyone to share their success with, might wish to come here instead.

That being said, I find the participation badge posts in general to be pretty tiresome. “I just completed my fourth order with a 5-star review” etc etc… They clog up the forum, along with the constant “why can’t I get any orders?” posts.

I’d love to see a version of the forum where we can ‘mute’ certain parts. The ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ category is one that I just don’t have any interest in, and would gladly mute, perhaps unmuting once in a while if I want to go in and offer some people some help for example.


I’ve only ever been on one other BIG forum, and it was so well set-up, the infrastructure and layout etc. that I didn’t know how good is was until I came here.


Well this is mostly a place to get some information or ask questions. It serves the purpose.


You can do that already, mute categories, or did I misunderstand something? I have two categories muted since long (MFG and IMG), so I only see posts in those categories when I look at the forum while not being logged in.
Thus, if that kind of posts had its own category, people who don’t want to see those posts, could mute it.


You can mute categories, but with this one (My Fiverr Experience) I rather leave it on as there are some interesting topics from time to time. The problem, which I think will be addressed with the redesign, is the categories are too broad.


Personally I don’t like and wouldn’t do it myself, but when I joined Fiverr I was a freelancer for over 6 years already, things get stale…some people are really new to freelancing and it’s nice to see them excited about building up their business/brand.

So I’d be against not having a place for them to share our small victories. If we have a place to rant, why not a place to celebrate?


Special events subcategories:

  1. I made my first sale
  2. I made it to level 1
  3. I made it to level 2
  4. I made it to top rated seller
  5. I made $1000 so far
  6. I made 5 sales
  7. I made $50

Have a button to push that automatically says “congratulations” as a reply.

And since we have the happy categories why not have the unhappy ones too?

  1. My account got banned
  2. I got a warning
  3. I got a bad review
  4. I had a chargeback
  5. fiverr always favors the buyer
  6. my gigs moved down in rank
  7. my gig got removed

Have a button to push to post your seller ID in that category when it happens.


Did not know this! Will go and have a look now!


bUt I gOt LeVeL tWo AgAiN, yOu DoN’t WaNt To CeLeBrAtE wItH mE???


Found the mute option!!

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there must be more constructive discusions in forums, i think, its futile to show one,s sale and getting level up.


Of course we do dear. :face_vomiting:


Posting the level up announcement, It can inspire the newcomer.