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POLL 📊 Which day of the work do you take off? Or do you?


Want to know if your fellow freelancers here take a day, or more, off, and which one/s?
If they use OOO mode (Out of Office Mode, formerly known as Vacation Mode) or not?
Take the polls, so we can find out!

Poll ToS, 5 of course :wink: :

  • Working for all intents and purposes here only means the actual work part of your Fiverr job (design, write, voice, edit, whatever) and not replying to messages.

  • We’re only talking about our Fiverr Gig/s here.

  • The polls are anonymous but if you’d like to comment and tell us why, do it!

  • It’s possible to select more than one reply (so, for example, you can combine to get to “I take Sundays off + random days too” or “I use OoO OR pause my gigs”)

  • There’s “Other” for choice as well if really nothing else applies to your situation but taking “Other” obliges you to comment :stuck_out_tongue: not really but feel free to!

Here we go …

Poll 1: Do you take a day, or more, off?

  • I don’t take any day of the week off
  • I take 1 day off: Sunday
  • I take 1 day off: Saturday
  • I take 1 day off: not Sunday or Saturday
  • I take 2 days off: Saturday + Sunday
  • I take 2 days off: 1 of them Saturday or Sunday
  • I take 2 days off: none of them Saturday or Sunday
  • I take more than 2 days off
  • Random (I take (a) day off whenever I feel like it)
  • Don’t really get enough orders to vote here (yet!)
  • Other

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Poll 2: OoO or no?

  • Yep, OoO or nothing for me!
  • No! Are you mad?! I’m scared of OoO!
  • My delivery times allow me to take time off anyhow
  • I edit my gig/s to avoid using OoO mode
  • I pause my gig/s
  • Other

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As freelancers it’s super important to be self-aware and know when we need to take time out for oursevles.

Just like athletes, we need some down time to rest, recover and enjoy our own life, hobbies and time with loved ones.

For me I try to have this as Sunday as it works best (others have time off too). Although if I am teaching or with a team/event on a Sunday then I try to pick another day.

What about everyone else?


I take Mondays off to irritate people around me.


Hey, cool, that makes two of us. Can we get to 5, anyone? :wink:

No votes for Saturday + Sunday or More than 2 days yet …


@miiila cool.
Although I’m new to fiverr so would love to get to a point to where I need to take a fiverr day off :slight_smile:


That day will come, no worries. :wink:


@lenasemenkova :rofl:

Does it work?

Monday is a nice chilled day so I hope you enjoy the day for yourself too! :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it. Like anything, patience is key and I’m sure it will come. Nice to challenge myself on a different platform.


Oh yeah, there is nothing more annoying than someone’s well-rested face on Monday. :slight_smile:

I try to take Thursdays off as often as I can, too. Thursdays are pretty busy for me, though.


I’ve always worked seven days a week and wait until my orders go down to take a break but that’s never more than a day here and there. The longest I’ve had my gigs paused was when I was in the hospital for four days.


I completely changed my freelancing routine at the start of this year. Most of my orders at the moment are from repeat buyers, which has allowed me to create something of a routine.

This routine has involved working 6 days a week, from about 9:30AM-10-11PM at night. I’ve taken Sunday’s ‘off’, but the only difference between this day and the rest of the week is that I’d be writing content for my own blog instead of other people’s.

Going into February, I’m hoping to cut freelancing down to 5, shorter days a week. I’ll still take Sunday’s for writing content for my own blog, but I’ll also have a day later in the week where I can recuperate and engage in other hobbies.


Its very hard for freelancers to figure out what days to take off because if a freelancer does not work, he or she does not make any money… A freelancer business is not like a big business where you can walk away from it for a day or two or even a year or two and come back to it to see that it’s more profitable than the time you left it


This answer is cool!:喜悦:


I do my best to take Fridays and Saturdays off since my boyfriend doesn’t work those days.

I used to have class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I worked every other day (Fiverr and my crappy retail job), so it was hard to take a day off. I just finished uni so I have more spare time now. I try to get all my Fiverr stuff done by Thursday, or at least have it all written so I just have to edit.


I’d love to do that but most of the time I don’t know when it’s Monday. Everything just blurs into one big day.


Usually I take Mondays and Tuesdays off.
I work at the office from Wednesday to Sunday, and I also work on Fiverr before/after my office work and try my best not to do any work on Monday and Tuesday.
Depending on the work load though, I do end up working a bit.

It’s Sunday morning back here in Tokyo and I just delivered a fairly large file.
I think I can relax tomorrow! :smiley:


I am fairly new at Fiverr and I work three jobs (including Fiverr). I work hard, but I listen to my body. I always try to take time for myself and I like to spend time with my family. Since everyone is free during weekends, I also try to not work during weekends :sunglasses:


I usually try not to work on Mondays because that is Monkey Monday :monkey_face: :monkey: and my grandson (the monkey part of Monday) comes to play!


I feel free to randomly take my time when I feel too, never used vacation mode since the beginning, this is the beauty of working as a freelancer.


Interesting comments so far. :slight_smile:

I like that many of us ticked the “random (whenever I feel like it) box” as I also think that’s part of the beauty of freelancing. The high percentage for “I don’t take any day of the week off” is not entirely unexpected and also makes sense, though I hope it’s all people who do make up for that by not working all day long (or all night, if you’re the graveyard shift type of freelancer :wink: ) all 7 days of the week.

Even if you absolutely love your work, a day off is good for body and mind and can lead to new perspectives and other things that easily can drown when everything blurs together.

My local library, which always was closed on Sundays and one other day of the week (open on Saturdays) interestingly switched that day of the week a while ago, so I suddenly stood before closed doors and had to do something else than planned - which sometimes can be a good thing. I like to imagine the staff had a poll amongst themselves and decided that on day x the most annoying visitors tend to come, so they switched the additional closed day to that. :wink:

A pity that so many people are afraid of the OoO monster. But not unexpected either, seeing some posts regarding how long it may take sales to return to normal after using it.