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Poll (Which is the better logo) - Vote Time


Really need Forum members suggestion. One of my customer created two logos for a business. But a business cannot have more than 1 identity (logo). Just like we cannot have more than one face. So please vote which logo is better than other.

So what is this business all about?
Le Creatif Designs is to create visually stunning and luxurious bedding. They harmonize modern, high quality linens that inspire fashion in décor and promote relaxation in comfort - inviting you to relax your body and reset your mind. In simple language: It’s a home decor business.

Logo 1: (Uppercase Logo)

Logo 2: (Lowercase Logo)

  • Uppercase Logo
  • Lowercase Logo

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In my professionally-trained logo designer opinion, neither of those logos are all that good. A good business logo should be easy to read and recognize from a distance. Both of those logos use fonts that are hard to read from a distance (I generally recommend that my own business logo clients stay away from script fonts for this very reason).

Logos should be brand marks, not works of art that might be seen in fine art museums. :wink:


That’s the same thing i have in my mind from the first day… and i also told about this thing to my buyer. [quote=“jonbaas, post:2, topic:157414”]
Logos should be brand marks

Yep, you are definitely correct. Well my buyer is also here. They can understand all things now.


I’m not crazy about any of these,I’m sorry!


I second what @jonbaas just said, but if I have to choose, the lowercase one is better.


@jonbaas said it all dude… .listen to him :expressionless: