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Poll - Who are you supporting in the U.S. Presidential Elections?

You don’t have to into too much detail, just mention a name - whether it’s Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz. If you give your reasons that would be great. This poll is only open to U.S. citizens as you will be voting.

I am just curious about where American freelancers stand as far as their politics is concerned. Every 3rd American worker is a freelancer, but I don’t think there is any poll out there which asks them for their opinion.

So again, who are you supporting in the race to the White House? And why (optional).

I am grabbing my popcorn now.

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It happens I have been reading news lately. So I am kind of watching their election (well a bit).

Whole world is watching…#1 entertainment show :slight_smile:

LOL, exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Bernie is the only decent one of the lot. Read about him on Wiki. He has improved and helped his home state of Vermont and has been rated best governor in the country. His enlightened views and long time work for the less fortunate of society, the environment,
and the good of society are legendary. It’s a shame that he won’t be the democratic

The rest are disasters waiting to happen. Hillary is a joke as far as being leadership material. She is smart but is unable to grasp something as basic as not sending classified top security information over her personal unprotected computer. I think this is due to her background coming from a hillbilly place, the same as her husband’s one basic flaw is due to this. It’s a lack of common sense. Trump is embarrassing. It’s the first time a political party has rallied to get rid of it’s own candidate. The real reason for it is that he can’t be bought due to being so rich already, and cannot be a pawn of big business such as the pharmaceutical companies and others who basically are used to owning whoever is in power. This is why they don’t want him.

Apparently Bernie’s the only one with positive ratings (+60) across the board in the polls. Clinton dynasty v2 is at -11 and the other candidates are around 30-40. I read this on another forum elsewhere so don’t take this as gospel. The Guardian newspaper in England anonymously interviewed a bunch of Americans the other day and they got a lot of secret Trump voters for varying reasons, some including “tactical voting” (lol) so that other Americans wake up and start voting for Bernie-type candidates.

Looks like a Clinton v Trump race from where I’m sitting. All a bit of a side-show, as Trump simply won’t be able to carry out most of the hot air coming out of his mouth. Mexico’s flat out said they’re not paying for the wall, and there’s the usual balancing acts of legislative and judiciary.

That said, let’s go for Trump. He’s entertainingly buffoonish.

NB: I am not a US citizen, I just like political shitshows. Well, shitshows of any kind really.

The Republican Party gets the final say about who the candidate is, and they won’t choose Trump. The others are just as bad. It looks like Hillary is going to be president. It will be close since huge swaths of the country despise her. Women and African Americans will support her. The huge Hispanic population usually votes Republican.
They wouldn’t vote for Trump because he wants to deport them all.
Trump would be entertaining if he weren’t so despicable. He has consistently done underhanded things and is now being grilled by attorney generals on defrauding people who paid to attend “Trump University” out of $7,000,000. His court hearings will be at the same time as the coming months leading up to the election.

It’ll be interesting to see how he plays that one out.

It’s a perfect summary, yeah, agree with you. Hillary looks most likely to be Prez and will have a large part of the country hating her, treating her with contempt and suspicion. All candidates are hated, except for Sanders, who is seen as a harmless, well-meaning old man - but he has no chance.

"That said, let’s go for Trump. He’s entertainingly buffoonish."
For us - non-Americans - having Trump as Prez would be so much fun! 100% entertainment. But I have to say the sort of hatred the U.S. media and establishment has for him is what makes more people support him.

$$$$$$ as always, old chap :wink:

How I wish Sanders would be president as he would actually be great for the country. But it’s not to be. He has been a proven success as a leader. He just came to the national scene too late and doesn’t have the name recognition. People don’t bother to find out about his record.

I’m voting for Captain Kirk. I think he’d be a great President!

I wonder why politics is always so messy when the essential core of why they’re running is to supposedly help the country.

Power is sweet.

Cruz is doing well…just woke up to see that he has won Kansas…

Maybe he will be the Republican candidate.

I like Cruz, a very humble, but a very smart man. If I was an American, I would vote for him.

The variety is interesting: A woman, a Jewish man, a Canadian of Hispanic heritage, and an obnoxious billionaire. Many dislike the idea of a woman president unfortunately. I’ve never understood the way so many despise Hillary and I think the party, based in
Washington D.C. where it’s not as apparent, are overestimating her ability to get elected.