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Poll: Yes or No - Is the Algorithm Working for You?

  • It’s working for me, my sales are up
  • No, it’s not working for me, my sales are down
  • I have no idea, it goes up and down

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Anonymous poll, so just vote the way you feel. I chose the 3rd option [I have no idea!]

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Not working for me. My sales are down.


Due to a couple of up cycles, this month is turning out to be ok after all. It’s those valleys when it looks like it’s the end that get me. The down swings last for about 4 days where it’s almost nothing, then suddenly I get great sales again all at once, and I’m back in business.

Before it was steady and always busy without the steep drop offs.

It’s either that my gigs don’t show up at all and it’s like my gigs are paused, or they are at the top of the listings and I am flooded within an hour or two, which I really enjoy. I can’t believe it’s going to stay like this. I feel that it may even out eventually. Hoping it evens out on the up side.